$18,457 Roof Leak Settlement

When our client in North Miami asked us for a home inspection on account of a roof leak, we were least expecting the damage we saw. The roof had vociferously leaked at several places leaving watermarks on the ceiling and causing furnishings to swell and unhinge. The moist areas due to the leak also showed signs of onset of a mold growth which was to be tackled at the earliest, before it could cause further damage. During our claim analysis procedure, our experts estimated the damage to be more than $18000. We then pursued the carrier for payment and settled the amount at $18, 457. Our client not only restored the roof leak with the amount but also paid for repairs of the furnishing and interior damage caused due to it.

This case highlighted the need to hire public adjusters for intricate cases such as roof leaks and plumbing repairs. Several people get overwhelmed with the time, energy and money that will be spent while negotiating a settlement amount. However, it is in your interest that a public adjuster takes the case under their wing and can assure you the rightful mount under your policy. With roof leaks, a key factor, when getting it insured, is the age of the roof. Under some policies, roofs under ten years of age get compensated fully for the repair costs. Age over ten years could cause the insurer to take into account depreciation costs before compensating you.

Another factor to consider in roof leaks is structural damage or damage to the electrical supply system both of which can be enormously dangerous. ProFloridian Claims Consultants experts document the damage systematically and consultants tackle arduous negotiations on your behalf and ensure that your damage is accounted well within the legalities of your insurance policy.

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