$65,445 Settlement for Tornado Damage

The beautiful rustic home of our client in Pembroke Pines was struck by an awful Tornado, in February 2016, that overhauled the furnishings of the house and caused serious devastation on the roof. The concrete roof covering gave way in the centre and was found broken from several other places. The best first step that our client took was to engage ProFloridian to come up with a damage analysis. We visited the client for a free home inspection and took detailed notes of the damage. Our claim analysis was based on facts and actual damage that the property had endured.

We pursued the insurance company and got the claim settled at $65,445. As a homeowner, wrecked by a natural disaster, our client was satisfied with the settlement and quickly moved on to finish the repairs in record time.

This case strikes close chords with homeowners affected by tornadoes, hurricanes and other disasters. Watching your single most valuable possession go waste in the face of natural disasters is a tough job. Even tougher is to run after insurance companies that you may or may not be able to deal with. Our best in class public adjusters understand how property claims such as these are evaluated and hence they provide you unmatched assistance in backing your claims by hard facts and that you recover what is due to you under your policy. This is how we minimise any stress that may be caused while filing your claims with the insurer.

In tornado damage claims, it is essential that you get paid by your insurer and not any 3rd party contractor to repair the damage. Also, it does well to ask for advance payments that can allow you to start getting at your damages than wait for the entire amount. As for the proper and equitable recovery of your property damage claim, count on ProFloridian Claims Consultants to deliver.

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