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Insurance claims are sometimes wrongly denied by insurance companies. You need to understand that the more claims insurance companies deny, the more profit they generate for themselves. This is how things work. It seems that part of their job is to find reasons to deny claims. Insurance company employees are instructed to be strict when accepting claims. Unless you put your strongest cards on the table, it will be difficult to persuade them to accept your damage claim.

As a customer and a policyholder, you have every right to try to get your claim accepted. No one wants their insurance claim to be denied. If you have paid your insurance premiums every month and abided by the terms and conditions of your policy, you shouldn’t expect your insurance company to abandon your claim in your time of need. At ProFloridian Claims, we work hard to get claim denials turned around. We have the experts, the skills, and the experience required to get a fair settlement for the damages you or your property have incurred. If your insurance company has denied your claim or you fear this might happen, remember that you don’t have to take no for an answer.

Poor Initial Investigation

Insurance companies often do a poor initial investigation. Their only motive is to find a way to prove that the damage to your property is not covered under your policy. They will send an inexperienced adjuster, contractor, or someone from engineering firm to support a claim denial. They will try their best to ensure that they don’t have to accept your claim, even if there is a valid cause of damage.

Insurance companies pay huge sums of money to lawyers to remove rework certain types of coverage or to pre-limit coverage for certain occurrences and incidents. They deliberately craft confusing insurance policies that are difficult for a regular customer to understand. Such policies are often not in your favor. Our knowledge of insurance policies and how to interpret them for the policyholder’s benefit will help you get a fair settlement.

Inaccurate Reporting & Analysis

Another reason for a claim denial might be that the loss or the damage was not reported accurately or in the way it was supposed to be reported. At ProFloridian Claims, we can examine your denied claim to determine whether the denial was valid or not. If there is any chance of overturning your denial, we’ll be more than happy to do so. We look at the situation from your point of view and work round the clock for the maximum benefit of our customers.

It is important to understand that insurance companies are businesses that incur profits and losses. You must not leave everything about your claim up to them. You must actively pursue your case to come out on the winning side. While the insurance company may believe it was correct to deny your claim, it’s in your best interest to have your own adjuster determine the validity of the denial.

Quality of Filed Claim

Claim denials happen more often than you might think. However, with ProFloridian Claims, there’s always a solution at hand. With our support and expertise, you’ll never run out of options. Our public adjusters’ combined knowledge of the legal and insurance system will get you through the insurance denial process. You don’t have to handle this difficult and exhausting process on your own. We’re here to provide you with a claim review and to minimize your losses.

Before you file your claim, it must be reviewed thoroughly. The quality of the claim is critical. This quality depends on the evidence of the damage your property has suffered. Proper evidence is the key to a successful claim settlement. We will gather all the necessary documents to ensure the best possible outcome.

Do Your Best

Try your best to avoid mistakes by ensuring that you understand the process before you file a claim. Even if you do due diligence to ensure you’re eligible for the settlement you need, your insurance company still might deny your claim.

The first thing you should do after an insurance claim denial is to review your insurance policy. The denial of an insurance claim is not always your fault. Usually, there are technicalities that inexperienced policyholders will not be made aware of before they sign their insurance contract. After a claim denial, re-read your policy with the help of a professional public adjuster. When your insurance company sends you the letter stating the outcome of the claim you filed, they are required by law to let you know exactly why they denied the claim. Going over this documentation will help you to gain some insight into what you can do to reverse the decision to produce a more favorable outcome.

Working With Public Adjusters

As a policyholder, one of the best ways to protect yourself against denied claims is to hire a public adjuster like ProFloridian Claims. We are professionals and have extensive experience with filing claims. If you contact us, we can file the entire claim for you and facilitate all communication between you and your insurance company.

While we cannot force settlement checks to be written for damages that are not covered by your insurance policy, it’s safe to say that you’ll get the best possible outcome when working with us than you will if you handle the claims process on your own. Contact us as soon as you discover any kind of damage to your property. To stay one step ahead of any potential issues with your property in the future, build a trusted relationship with ProFloridian Claims before anything bad happens.

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