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Hail Damage Public Adjusters

Many insurance companies try to underpay hail damage claims. To prevent this from happening to you, hire  a public adjuster to handle your hail damage claim and ensure you’re properly compensated for your losses. Filing a property insurance claim is intimidating, but a professional public adjuster will have the expertise that a regular policyholder will probably lack and get the job done right.

Don’t let the insurance company tell you what they want to pay you. They will always try to understate the loss to your property or look for ways to deny your claim. Many adjusters and the insurance companies they work for may have different adjusting standards outlined in their respective claim department manuals. Moreover, the adjusters hired by insurance companies always support their employers’ interests and always try to maximize their profit, not yours.

If a hailstorm is severe enough, then damages should be obvious and indisputable by an adjuster, so the need for coverage of the loss should be easily confirmed. Unfortunately, this doesn’t always happen. That’s when you need to hire your own hail damage public adjuster, someone who will work on your behalf to increase the chances of you getting what you deserve.

Scope Of Damage

Roofs are highly vulnerable to hailstorms and can be easily damaged. But some roof damage can go undetected. If it’s not identified and dealt with promptly, subsequent damage can occur, such as water damage and potential structural damage. Just because a roof is not visibly damaged does not mean it hasn’t been compromised. That’s why a proper analysis is crucial after your property has been through a hailstorm.

Hail damage can also impact windows, doors, air conditioning units, landscaping, and vehicles. Basically, any appliances installed on the outside of your house or are not covered with by a roof or shed are prone to damage. ProFloridian Claims employs expert public adjusters who understand the full scope of the damage that hail can inflict. They will work with you to evaluate and document your property damage in detail and negotiate a claim with your insurance company that will get you the money you need to recover from your losses. We’ll strive to reach a settlement that offers the maximum possible benefits to the policyholder.

Importance Of Filing A Flawless Claim

After an incident that damages their property, many people make the mistake of calling their insurance company right away. Don’t do that! Always seek representation from a certified public adjuster first. He/she will help you to understand the process before you start negotiating with your insurer. As an insured person, there are certain duties and obligations you must abide by at the time of the loss. If you’re not careful and not aware of your policy’s terms and conditions, your claim might end up being denied.

A professional who’s on your side will let you know what to do and what not to do. A certified public adjuster will guide you through the process and make sure you don’t miss any steps and recover a fair amount to repair your property. A public adjuster can save you from potential risks and will put you and your claim in a secure position.

Lack Of Experience In Policyholders

During a destructive storm, thunder, lightning, torrential rains, high winds, or all the above can occur. Intense storms can destroy a property in moments. If hail is also present, your property might incur extensive damage. Hailstorms can get intense in seconds and seriously damage your roof, windows and exterior walls. All of this can amount to a hefty loss in terms of money. Due to this, hail damage claims are notoriously challenging to document and substantiate without the right approach and expertise.

Seek Your Own Representation

Your insurance company will likely send someone to inspect the damage to your roof after a major hailstorm. But you don’t have to trust someone who is employed by your insurance company to maximize its profits. You can inspect your roof for damage yourself, but for an unbiased and accurate assessment, it’s best to seek representation from a professional public adjuster.

Contact ProFloridian Claims to get help filing your hail damage claim. We’ll take care of any problems that might arise during the process. Our team of experienced public adjusters has extensive experience in reaching fair settlements for our clients. Our claim adjusters will work quickly and aggressively to win you the settlement you deserve. Even if your insurance company has denied your hail damage claim, we will try our best to overturn their decision in your favor.

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