Insurance Claim Tips for Mold Damage Claims

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Molds are fungi that can ruin a property. They thrive in places in the home where water or moisture is present, and can continuously affect other areas. If your home is damaged by mold, call our team of experienced Public Adjusters at ProFloridian in Broward. We can help you file your insurance claim and speed up the entire process for you.

Mold damage is often a by-product of roof damage and/or water damage. Florida is known for its hot and humid weather, which provides ideal conditions for the spread of mold. If too much moisture builds up in your home, mold will grow very quickly – and you should take it seriously.

Here are some of the leading causes of mold damage property claims:

  • Water damage
  • Paint failure on interior surfaces
  • Roofing failure
  • Wet insulation
  • Structural decay

Insurance companies are often hesitant to approve mold damage claims and some companies are even removing such coverage from their policy forms regardless if it results from a covered peril. You must be able to prove the mold was caused by an incident. Our experienced public adjusters at ProFloridian will gather this kind of evidence and work to persuade your insurance company that your mold growth was not an existing problem. The process can be costly and time- consuming. Certain protection strategies can either limit or prohibit mold coverage.

We can take the stress of filing an insurance claim off your shoulders. We’ll calculate what we believe you’re entitled to recover for your loss, then negotiate a maximum settlement on your behalf. If your home, building, or business has been damaged by mold, ProFloridan Public Adjusters in Broward in will ensure that your mold damage claim is processed in a timely manner and paid in full.

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