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Florida is no stranger to severe weather. In any given year, a ProFloridian– a tropical storm, hurricane, or tornado – might damage both the exterior and interior of your property. In most cases, the wind will cause trees or other debris to fall on or otherwise damage your home. This can allow water to enter the home and cause even more damage. Interior water damage usually affects ceilings, walls, cabinets, and floors, but also furniture, clothing, electronic devices, or other personal belongings.

If your home experiences wind damage, it’s important to quickly assess and mitigate the damage and inform the insurance company of your losses. All too often we see valid wind damage claims denied because the loss was not communicated to the insurance company in a timely manner.

Don’t attempt to make any repairs until you’ve had the property looked over.

While it may seem like the most straightforward way go with the recommendation of your insurance company’s claims adjuster, doing so usually leads to a delayed or underpaid settlement and insufficient options for repairs to your property. Many homeowners willingly accept what the insurance company tells them, even though they are not experienced, and/or knowledgeable in all the steps.

Following the right steps can help ensure the best settlement for wind damage insurance claims:

  • Request a certified copy of your insurance policy
  • Take your own inventory of your personal belongings
  • Get estimates of the costs of restoring your home to its pre-loss condition
  • Meet the deadlines for submitting claim forms
  • Keep documentation of every point of contact with your insurance company.

Receiving the help of a professional claims adjuster generally results in a faster resolution.

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While it’s no fun to think about them, accidents can happen and damage your home. In these situations, it’s important to have a public adjuster you can turn to. Our team can help you, even if you’ve already filed your claim. Our ProFloridian Miramar public adjusters have great experience in helping homeowners and business owners handle a wind damage insurance claims in Miramar. Contact us today!

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