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Do you own a business in Boca Raton, Florida? Did that business lose income because of an unforeseen disaster such as a hurricane or fire? If so, you should file an income loss damage claim with your insurance company. Any insurance policy with business income loss coverage will compensate you for lost income due to a disaster.

After all, if a hurricane or fire damages the physical structure of your business, you can’t serve customers until the damage is fixed. In the meantime, your business will lose income for weeks or months. When you have business income loss protection, your insurance company is supposed to compensate you for a significant portion of the average weekly income you lost.

To ensure your income loss damage claim is approved, you must prove to your insurance company that you actually lost income. You’ll be expected to present income statements, tax returns, and other evidence to prove that your business lost the specific amount of income specified in your claim.

Our public adjusters can assist you with this process. You’ll need our help, because insurance companies are typically not quick to approve income loss claims. They want to know the extent of the damages and how much income was really lost. If you cannot prove these things, they will deny your claim. That’s why you’ll want a public adjuster to gather all the necessary documentation and prove your claim to your insurance company for you.

In most cases, once your claim is approved, you will receive income loss compensation for up to six months. You can also file a property damage claim to help pay for repairs to the damage. You will be obligated to fix all damages as soon as possible.

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