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If you’ve lived in Boca Raton long enough, you’ve probably experienced hailstorms. And you’ll know that when hailstones fall from the sky, they can cause property severe damage such as broken windows, dented concrete on walkways, roof damage. The list goes on.  

If your property is damaged by hail, take out your smartphone and snap photographs or record video of the hailstones in real time. You don’t need to put yourself in danger by standing outside. Just record the hailstones through the window while you’re safely inside.

When the hailstorm eventually stops, go outside and assess the damage. If you find any, record it and the hailstones that are probably lying near it. You can show this video and photo evidence to your insurance company to prove that your hail damage insurance claim is valid.

Why You Need a Local Boca Raton Hail Damage Public Adjuster

The problem with hailstones is that they’re balls of ice that melt quickly after they land on the ground. That’s why you can’t wait for an insurance adjuster to see the hailstones in person. You need to take every possible action yourself to prove the hailstones were there. This not only includes taking photographs and video footage, but also hiring a public adjuster to assist you.

A public adjuster will assess the damaged areas and prepare a strong defense for your claim. If your property was undamaged before the hailstorm, it won’t be difficult to build a solid case for maximum compensation. With hail claims, you want to be sure that you’re represented fairly, because there’s no telling which way insurance companies will swing when deciding on compensation for your claim.

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Very few public adjusters specialize in hail damage claims. However, ProFloridian Claims Consultants employs hail damage public adjusters in Boca Raton who do specialize in this area. We’re more than willing to review your case for free and determine whether you’re entitled to compensation.  We provide free consultation, call 954-588-7416 today.

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