Hail Damage Fort Lauderdale Public Adjuster

Hail Damage Fort Lauderdale Public Adjuster
Hail Damage Fort Lauderdale Public Adjuster

When you think of Fort Lauderdale, FL, you don’t normally think about hailstorms. Most people assume that South Florida could never have hail because it’s so warm there. However, Fort Lauderdale and the rest of South Florida are susceptible to hail, just like in any other location in the country. And when the hailstones fall, you want to be sure your home is insured for any damage they might cause.

Hail can inflict more hurt on a home more than you might realize. Imagine small pebbles or rocks dropping from thousands of feet in the air. If they strike your windows or roof, they will leave a mark. Whether the damage is major or minor, you deserve to be compensated by your insurance company for it.

Your homeowner’s insurance policy should provide hail damage coverage. However, before your insurer pays your claim, it will investigate the damage to determine whether hail actually caused it. If you want to boost the chances of your claim being approved, take pictures of the hail on the ground and the damage immediately after the storm passes. Photographic evidence is a great way to prove that your hail damage claim is genuine.

Our public claim adjusters in Fort Lauderdale can help you strengthen your hail damage claim. Once our hail damage adjuster evaluates the damage, we will contact your insurance company on your behalf and request a specific amount of compensation.

If the insurer’s claim adjuster conducts their own investigation and makes a false determination, we’ll have the evidence to counter their argument and ensure that you get a fair settlement.

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