Water Damage Public Adjuster Fort Lauderdale

Do you need a Water Damage Public Adjuster in Fort Lauderdale?
Do you need a Water Damage Public Adjuster in Fort Lauderdale?

ProFloridian Claims Consultants is your premier Fort Lauderdale Water Damage Public Adjuster. Whenever you need to make a water damage claim, our public adjusters are ready and willing to assist.  You can reach us at (954) 588-7416.

Floridians are no stranger to water damage. The hurricanes, storms, and floods alone cause enough water damage for people living next to the coastal waters of Fort Lauderdale.  But on top of that, unforeseen plumbing and septic problems can cause severe water damage as well.

Here are some examples of significant water damage issues in which Fort Lauderdale property owners face every year:

  • Burst pipes
  • Cracked pipes
  • Worn out pipes
  • Backed up sewage system
  • Leaky dishwasher
  • Leaky toilet
  • Clogged toilet
  • Leaky roof

You cannot afford to ignore these types of water damage problems. It only takes one leak or burst pipe for thousands of dollars of water damage to be caused to your property. It is even worse if a hurricane or flood is the cause of the damage.

Before you make any phone calls for help, your first step must be to prevent further damage to your property, if possible. For instance, if you have a burst pipe or leaky toilet, you need to shut off your property’s main water valve. That will stop any more public water from flowing through your pipes and entering your structure. As a result, the leaks will temporarily stop until you get the damage or malfunction resolved.

You’ll need professional representation to assist you with your water damage insurance claim from that point forward. Otherwise, your insurance company could deny your claim or pay you less than what it is worth. Insurance companies are stingy when it comes to approving water damage claims. But if they see you have a public adjuster negotiating for you, they will be more willing to comply with your claim.

Fort Lauderdale Water Damage Insurance Claims Experts

ProFloridian Claims Consultants have a team of water damage insurance claims experts who assist residential and commercial clients every day in Fort Lauderdale. We have a high rate of success in retrieving compensation for our clients. Our team also includes local appraisers and attorneys who understand Florida insurance laws and your rights as a policyholder.

We’ll make sure your insurance company treats the claims process fairly. Our public adjusters will continuously pressure them to settle for an amount of money equal to the water damage value. Since they don’t want to risk going to court over the matter, they will be willing to compromise and come to an agreement.

No Upfront Fees!

ProFloridian Claims Consultants does not charge any upfront fees for our services. We will work vigorously with your insurance company until your water damage claim is approved and a settlement is reached.

If your insurance company does not compensate you, and a settlement cannot be reached for some unforeseen reason, you will not owe us any money. The only time you owe us money is if your insurance company approves your water damage claim. Therefore, you have nothing to lose by obtaining our public adjuster services!

Receive Your Free Consultation Today!

Are you ready to hire a Fort Lauderdale Water Damage Public Adjuster? If you’ve already taken steps to prevent further water damage, now is the time to contact our public adjusters. We’ll file your claim, examine the damage, collect evidence, and negotiate with your insurance company.

If you’d like to receive a free consultation ASAP, you can reach the offices of ProFloridian Claims Consultants at (954) 588-7416. Our customer support team is ready to answer your questions and schedule your consultation today.