West Palm Beach Hail Damage Public Adjuster

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People are always surprised when hail falls in West Palm Beach, because they assume ice can’t form in hot weather. In fact, hailstorms are more common in Florida than you might expect. When ones does happen, it can leave widespread property damage in its wake.

Hailstones are like tiny rocks dropping down onto your home or business from the sky. They can damage your roof, windows, and other areas of your property. If you see chipped paint, broken window glass, or dents in your aluminum siding, you may have discovered signs of hail damage.

Obviously, hail damage most often occurs on roofs. That’s why you should always inspect your roof after a hailstorm. You don’t want your insurance company to deny your claim because you didn’t report your roof damage immediately. That often happens to policyholders who wait too long to report hail damage.

If you make a hail damage claim, your insurance company might try to pass the damage off as normal wear and tear. It’s difficult to prove hail damage, because the hailstones melt before the insurance claim adjuster can arrive at your place to do an inspection. This is why it’s smart to take pictures of the hailstones during or after the storm, while they’re still present on the roof or grounds of your property. You can use these pictures as evidence that hailstones actually did fall on your property and cause damage.

Hail damage is just as serious as any other damage your property can incur. If you plan to file a hail damage claim, don’t do it by yourself. Insurance companies are notorious for denying hail damage claims. Instead, contact one of our hail damage public adjusters in West Palm Beach, Florida. We can help get your insurance claim approved and ensure you receive an adequate amount of compensation.