West Palm Beach Roof Damage Public Adjuster

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West Palm Beach, FL is a beautiful city, but you have to tolerate a lot of storms when you live there. And when hailstorms and windstorms strike, your roof will incur more impact and abuse than any other part of your home. A falling tree branch or flying debris can slam onto your roof and cause substantial damage – and leave you with a big problem to deal with.

Roof damage is the number-one cause of roof leaks. If you notice water droplets dripping down from the ceiling of any room in your home, inspect your roof for damage. It is important to discover damage while it’s still fresh. If you fail to file a roof damage claim in a timely manner, your claim may be denied.

As you might imagine, insurance companies are not fans of preexisting conditions. They want to know that your roof damage was caused by the storm you specified in your claim, and not by anything you did or did not do to keep the roof in good condition. Whether or not you were negligent is what their claim’s adjuster will try to determine when they evaluate your roof damage.

However, you don’t need to rely on the claim’s adjuster to conduct an accurate investigation. You also have the right to contact a third-party public adjuster and let them investigate the roof damage on your behalf. If the findings of their investigation contradict the findings of the claim adjuster’s investigation, these differences will be presented to the insurance company.

The job of a public adjuster is to ensure the fairness of a claim investigation. Since roof damage is a serious matter, it helps to have an experienced West Palm Beach public adjuster on your side and fighting for your rights instead of the insurance company’s rights. As long as you did not neglect your roof or cause the damage on purpose, then your insurance company will have no choice but to approve your roof damage claim. Contact ProFloridian Claims Consultants at 954-588-7416 today.