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Any property owner in West Palm Beach, Florida might become a victim of theft or vandalism. There’s no telling when it might happen to you. But if it does happen, you’ll want to be confident that your insurance claim for theft and vandalism will provide you with proper compensation for your losses.

When you first notice theft and vandalism has occurred on your property, your first step should be to call the police and report the incident. Take an inventory of all your possessions that are missing and estimate the value of those possessions. After the police generate their report, you can file a claim with your insurance company. They will want to see a copy of that report as part of their own investigation into the matter.

Why You Need a Local West Palm Beach Vandalism Public Adjuster

Insurance companies are skeptical when property owners claim that a lot of expensive items were stolen. If you don’t have any receipts or proof of ownership, your insurance company might not believe you really owned the items that were stolen. And if the intruders damaged your property, the insurance company will investigate to make sure the damage didn’t exist before the thieves did their dirty work.

This is why you need a Vandalism public adjuster  in West Palm Beach to defend your claim on your behalf. Don’t count on your insurance company to approve the full amount of your claim. If you have a police report to show them, the insurer might give you a smaller amount of compensation rather than deny your claim altogether. However, in our books, that’s not good enough.

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ProFloridian Claims Consultants will fight to see that you get every dollar of compensation that you’re owed. We’ll conduct our own independent investigation by gathering all the available evidence of the theft and vandalism incident. Once we present our side of the case to your insurance company, they’ll be more likely to negotiate a fair settlement.

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