Denied Insurance Claims Public Adjuster in Florida

Denied Insurance Claims Public Adjuster
Denied Insurance Claims Public Adjuster

According to the Insurance Information Institute, 5% of insured homeowners file property damage claims annually. Did you file a claim with your homeowner’s insurance policy and it was denied? If so, then don’t just take it lying down. You have more rights than you think when it comes to your insurance coverage. Insurance companies are not supposed to deny insurance claims if there is a valid reason for the claim. The reasons may include:

The terms of your insurance policy outline the specific types of damages that are covered. As long as you didn’t personally cause the damage to happen, then your insurance company should not give you any grief about it if the damage is covered under your insurance policy.

Unfortunately, insurance companies are businesses like any other business. Their main objective is to make profits by denying as many claims as possible. The average policyholder does not understand their rights in these situations, so they usually don’t pursue the claim any further after it’s been denied. Don’t make this mistake.

Hire a Denied Insurance Claims Public Adjusters

The Public Adjusters at ProFloridian Claims Consultants can help you deal with any insurance company that has denied your claim. Take the following steps into consideration after you first receive a claim denial notice in the mail:

1) Do not lose your temper and curse out the insurance agents on the phone. That is not going to help your situation at all. Even though your first reaction is likely going to be anger and frustration, you must learn to stay calm in these situations. It will help you think better so that you can come up with a way to resolve the problem.

2) Call or email ProFloridian Public Adjusters and make an appointment to come speak with one of our public adjusters. Bring your insurance policy documentation with you so that we can review it. We see a lot of claim denial cases where the policyholders simply didn’t realize that certain things were not covered in their insurance policy. If that is the issue with your claim, then we’ll let you know.

3) If it turns out that your claim was justified, but it was denied anyway, then we will proceed to file an appeal with the insurance company on your behalf. The appeal process is rather slow with these companies, so you must wait until your appeal is reviewed.

4) If your appeal is denied insurance claim, then our public adjusters will take steps toward getting your claim reopened. In Florida, you have up to 5 years to get a claim reopened. However, there are certain conditions which must be met. For instance, if you forgot to list certain damages on your initial claim which covered by your insurance policy, then you can request for your claim to be reopened in order to list those damages.

The Claim Reopening Process

There are no guarantees when attempting to reopen an insurance claim, but we’ll do our best to make it happen for you. Our public adjusters will review every one of your insurance documents and any other documents related to the damage, such as repair bills & records, photographs, claims adjuster reports, etc.

Based on all the evidence that we find in these documents, we’ll be able to make a determination as to whether your claim can be reopened or not. If your claim is reopened, we’ll talk to your insurance company on your behalf to make sure they treat you fairly every step of the way.

Florida Denied Claims Public Insurance Adjusters

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