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If your home or business is damaged, the property repairs can cost a lot of money. If your insurance claim is approved, you might not have to pay a penny in repair costs. That’s why it’s so important to hire a public adjuster to represent you. Never deal with insurance companies alone!

ProFloridian Claims Consultants specializes in representing West Palm Beach property insurance policyholders just like you. We have the training and experience to take on any property insurance company that denies your claim unfairly. After you contact us for a free consultation, our public adjusters will review the details of your property damage claim to see what can be done.

If it appears that your insurance company did not treat you fairly in their decision regarding your claim, we’ll happily take on your case and work diligently to get you the compensation you’re entitled to.

Denied Claims

Denied claims are more common in West Palm Beach than you might think. When a claims adjuster comes to your house to evaluate your property damage, they’re looking for a reason to deny the claim. For instance, if any evidence suggests that you could have prevented the damage, the insurance company will deny the claim. The damage must be caused by uncontrollable circumstances.

Of course, everyone has their own definition of uncontrollable circumstances. Sometimes insurance companies exaggerate and put too much blame on the policyholders. If you feel that your denied claim should have been approved, then ProFloridian Claims Consultants can work to reverse your insurance company’s initial decision.

Water Damage

 Water damage can happen for many reasons. The worst-case scenario is a flood, but this doesn’t happen much in West Palm Beach. Any water damage to your property is likely the result of a leaky pipe or roof damage. These are problems you should deal with immediately to avoid further damage.

Document all the water damage by taking pictures of the affected areas. ProFloridian’s public adjusters can use these pictures to make the case with your insurance company that your water damage claim should be approved.

Fire Damage

 It only takes a little bit of fire for your property to suffer irreparable damage. You may need to rebuild entire sections of your home or building if the damage is too severe. But you don’t need to pay for these expenses out of pocket, because your insurance company should pay them for you.

The fire-damage provisions of your insurance policy will cover most unforeseen incidents regarding the cause of fire damage. Our public adjusters will review your insurance policy and fight for your rights during the claim-settlement process.It’s important to have a dedicated public adjuster on your side when you file a fire damage claim with your insurance company

Hurricane Damage

 West Palm Beach endure yearly hurricane threats because it is so close to the Atlantic Ocean. When a hurricane does hit the east coast, it can leave ruin buildings and homes. This is when you’ll need your insurance claim to be approved. If you can’t afford to file a denial or underpayment of your claim – and if we’re representing you, that won’t be an issue. Let our experienced public adjusters help you with your hurricane damage claim.

Hail Damage

 Hail has the power to damage windows, roofs, siding, and other parts of your home. This the hail damage could lead to water and mold damage as well. There isn’t much you can do to prevent hail damage, but you can respond to the aftermath quickly to avoid further damage. That’s what insurance companies expect you to do.

When dealing with the aftermath of hail damage, let ProFloridian be there for you. Our public adjusters will assess the extent of the hail damage in order to show your insurance company that your hail damage claim should be approved.

Wind Damage

 Wind is another uncontrollable force of nature. You can board up your windows if hurricane-force winds are predicted, but that won’t prevent damage entirely. Your roof and siding could still suffer impacts from flying debris and other wind-related causes (e.g., falling trees). Contact our experienced public adjusters for assistance with your wind damage claim today.

Roof Damage

 There are many reasons why roof damage might occur. It could happen because of wind, debris, fallen objects, or degraded roofing materials. We can help you prove these causes by photographing the damage and making the case for a settlement to your insurance company.

ProFloridian will file a roof damage claim with your insurance company and negotiate a fair settlement.

Mold Damage

 Mold damage cannot be overlooked because it is often the unforeseen consequence of water damage or roof damage. Mold can make an home or building unsanitary and unhealthy, which is why you must remove the mold, as well as the water and moisture that caused the mold to grow. Take photographs as you go to document the cause of the damage. They’ll help us make a strong case with your insurance company as to why they should approve your mold damage claim.

Income Loss Damage

 Property damage is worst when it happens to a business. You can’t operate a business in a damaged building, which means you lose your income stream. If you have business interruption insurance, ProFloridian’s public adjusters will look through your financial records and see how much your insurance company should be compensating you for your lost income. We may even be able to get them to pay for the relocation of your business, too, depending on the coverage limits of your insurance policy. To make sure your insurer follows through, let ProFloridian represent you and file your income-loss damage claim.

Theft/Vandalism Damage

 Don’t let vandalism and theft keep you down. Your property insurance should include provisions that cover these types of events. Vandalism and theft may leave your doors and windows damaged, and cause you to lose valuable possessions. These cases can be difficult to prove to insurance companies, so it’s important to hire a public adjuster to handle it for you.

If your property is damaged by thieves and vandals, let us evaluate the extent of the damage so that we will represent you  to your insurance company to help approve your theft and vandalism damage claim.

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 ProFloridian Claims Consultants loves to serve the residents and business people of West Palm Beach. You shouldn’t handle your property damage claims alone, because insurance companies will take advantage of you if you do. We run a comprehensive operation filled with public adjusters who specialize in various types of property damage claims. When you give us a call to schedule an appointment, we’ll assign you to a skillful public adjuster who can defend your particular property damage claim.

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