Vandalism and Theft Damage Public Adjuster in Florida

Theft Vandalism Damage Public Adjuster
Theft Vandalism Damage Public Adjuster

Vandalism and theft are all too common in Florida and throughout the rest of the United States for that matter. According to Homeowners Insurance Cover, more than $25 billion in property damage was caused by graffiti vandalism alone in 2008. This doesn’t even account for all the other methods in which vandals had used to damage other people’s property.

Thieves and vandals will target any type of property, whether it’s residential or commercial. As a resident of South Florida, you need to financially protect yourself in case a thief or vandal damages your property or steals your personal belongings. Theft and vandalism insurance coverage are essential to carry for this reason.

Insurance companies may charge you higher premium rates if you’re in a location which has a higher rate of thefts and vandalism. Your rates are also determined by the value of your business or home, the average household income in your area, and the location of your property. When you file a theft and vandalism damage claim with your insurance company, they’ll take all these factors into consideration before deciding on whether to approve your claim.

What to Expect

There must be clear evidence of theft or vandalism before an insurance claims vandalism adjuster even considers approving your claim. They’re going to look for certain signs of damage, such as:

  • Broken windows and locks
  • Light fixture damage
  • Eggs, toilet paper, or graffiti spread on the building or property
  • Fire damage (arson)
  • Water damage (faucet left on)
  • Plumbing damage
  • Damaged trees and bushes (excessively cut)

These are just some examples of property damage which your theft and vandalism insurance policy should cover. There may be additional types of damages covered that are not on this list. Check your insurance policy to find a complete list of damages or contact your insurance company for more information.

File a Vandalism Theft Damage Claim

 You must call the police as soon as you discover the theft and vandalism damage. There is no way you would get approved for a theft and vandalism insurance claim unless there is a police report to back it up. The report must provide all the details of what was damaged or stolen on the property. Do not wait to call the police or else your insurance company will be suspicious as to why you waited.

Once you’re done with the police, you can begin filing a claim with your insurance company. Either that or you can call us at ProFloridian Claims Consultants and we’ll have one of our Public adjusters file the theft and vandalism insurance claim for you. Insurance companies treat these cases with a great deal of skepticism, especially if you’re claiming valuable items were stolen. Without proof of their existence, they may not want to compensate you for the loss.

That is why you’ll want our public adjusters to gather the proper evidence and work with your insurance company to ensure they compensate you appropriately for all your losses. We’ll work with both the police and your insurance company to gather all the evidence and get you the maximum settlement for the property that was damaged and stolen.

Florida Vandalism and Theft Damage Insurance Claims Adjusters

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