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A Boca Raton Public Adjuster photographing the damages of the home affected by the fire for a home insurance claim. Photo by Cuna

Licensed, experienced, and trusted Boca Raton public adjuster ProFloridian Claims Consultants is ready to serve the city of Boca Raton with any property damage insurance claims; residential or commercial. Whether your insurance company is denying your claim, offering inadequate settlement, or acting in bad faith, we will work exclusively for you to come to a fair and just conclusion. 

We have a team of qualified and experienced public adjusters in Boca Raton with a proven track record when it comes to getting tangible results for policyholders.  If your Boca Raton home or commercial property has suffered hurricane damage, wind damage or any other type of damage, our qualified public adjusters will help you navigate the entire insurance claim process.

Let ProFloridian Claims Consultants work for you to get you the maximum settlement you deserve and help you save time and lower stress.

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Excellent Public Adjuster in Boca Raton

Property insurance comes in handy when your property suffers damage from inclement weather, an accident, or some other unavoidable cause. If the value of the damage is thousands or even tens of thousands of dollars, you’ll want insurance coverage that will reimburse you for the cost of those repairs.

Most people think they have adequate property insurance coverage for their home or business. However, that doesn’t mean their insurance company will be quick to grant an insurance settlement after they file a claim. Claims adjusters look for loopholes in insurance policies that give them the right to deny a claim. They count on customers not knowing their policy or their rights.

We Get Paid, When You Get Paid!

ProFloridian Claims Consultants can inform you of your rights and defend them on your behalf. Our independent public adjusters don’t work for insurance companies. They work directly for individual insurance policyholders in Boca Raton. We fight back against insurance companies and their claims adjusters whenever they try to underpay a claim or deny a claim together.

We’ve represented thousands of clients in Boca Raton over the past 20 years and have helped them receive millions of dollars in approved insurance claims. Give us a call. We’ll review the details of your case, then decide the best course of action to take to get your insurance claim approved. Call 954-588-716 today.

ProFloridian helps with:

Public Adjuster FAQs

Denied Insurance Claims

If you were not the cause of the property damage and your insurance covers the type of damage your property incurred, your insurance company must approve your claim. Any denial of your claim is likely an unfair decision that should be appealed.

Our public adjusters can help you turn a denied claim into an approved claim. We’ll investigate your case thoroughly and review your insurance policy to make sure you’re entitled to full compensation. If we can prove this to your insurance company, they’ll have no choice but to comply with our demands. Otherwise, they’ll face a lawsuit they’ll wish they avoided.

Water Damage 

Water damage can ruin your drywall, floors, and the entire internal structure and foundation of your home or building. However, before you file a water damage claim, you must remove the water first. Don’t just leave it there. If you do, your insurance company will deny your claim.

Water Damage

If you have any questions about this process, let us walk you through it. Contact our public adjusters and we’ll guide you every step of the way. We can help ensure that your water damage claim will be approved. 

Fire Damage 

Fire Damage

The aftermath of a fire can be very stressful. You could be interrogated for hours by fire and police officials. They may try to blame you for the fire damage, even though it wasn’t your fault. This is when you need our investigators to be on your side and looking at the evidence. If we can prove the fire wasn’t your fault, we can make your insurance company approve your claim or risk going to court. Our public adjusters will present the best case possible to your insurance company so they will approve your fire damage claim. 

Hurricane Damage

Hurricane Wind Blowing

Hurricane damage can be awful. Your commercial or residential property could be left in ruins or severely damaged. It may not even be useable until the damage is repaired. You have to pray that your insurance claim will be approved so you can afford the repair costs. We’re experts in helping clients recover compensation for hurricane damages in Boca Raton. Hire us today for assistance with your hurricane damage claim

Hail Damage

Hail falls every now and then in Boca Raton, and it can damage your roof. You’ll know when hailstones are falling, because the loud clattering sound coming from the top of your home or building will make it obvious. After the storm passes, you can investigate your roof. If you see hailstones, you can easily prove your case by using your phone or camera to take pictures of them.

However, you should still let our public adjusters negotiate your claim with your insurance company, because they might try to deny the validity of the pictures. We’ll work to ensure this doesn’t happen.

If you incurred roof damage or any other property damage because of a hailstorm, we won’t have any problem convincing your insurance company to approve your hail damage claim. 

Wind Damage 

Wind Damage to home photo

Wind damage may not directly damage your property, but it might cause a tree or limb to fall onto your roof. You can increase the chances of your wind damage claim getting approved by contacting our public adjusters and letting us handle the case for you. 

Roof Damage 

Signs of Roof Damage photo

Roof damage can impact the integrity of your entire home or building. Water leaks, pests, and other problems may be consequences arising from a damaged roof. Our public adjusters can photograph your roof damage and put together a convincing case for your claim to be approved. Contact our experienced public adjusters for assistance with your roof damage claim today. 

Mold Damage 

Women looking at mold damage in her home

Mold damage can jeopardize your property and the health of the people in it. That’s why the first thing you must do after a flood or burst pipe is to clean up any water and mold currently on your property. Give us a call so we can document everything that’s taking place with the mold. Then we can build a strong argument for why your mold damage claim should be approved. 

Income Loss Damage 

Income loss damage is when damage to your commercial building prevents you from conducting business as usual and generating a revenue stream. Hopefully, as a business owner on the east coast of Florida, you carry a business interruption insurance policy. You’ll need this coverage if a hurricane strikes and incapacitates your business for weeks or months.

When you’re ready to file an income-loss damage claim, let us handle it for you. Insurance companies want to see a lot of financial documentation and proof of income. We know how to prepare this documentation so that your insurance company will pay you what you’re owed. 

Theft/Vandalism Damage 

Theft and vandalism cost homeowners and business owners thousands of dollars per year. Boca Raton has its fair share of these crimes. If your property is damaged by thieves and vandals, let us evaluate the extent of the damage so that we can give your insurance company a good reason to approve your theft and vandalism damage claim. 

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Boca Raton Property Damage Statistics

On average, from 2008 to 2018, 52% of Florida homeowners have taken a full inventory of their possessions in case of property damage.  Moreover, in 2018, about 5.7% of insured homes had filed a claim for property damage, and 98.1% of those claims were theft claims. One in 20 insured homes file a property damage claim every year, and one in 40 filed claims are related to wind or hail. The average insurance premium in Florida is $1,951 per household, so the insurance company is sure to cover most property damage in full.

City of Boca Raton Florida
City of Boca Raton Florida

Homeowners insurance losses by cause

In 2018:

  • 4% of all property damage was related to wind and hail
  • 7% was related to fire and lightning
  • 8% of all claims were water damage and freezing claims
  • 1% of incurred homeowner losses were related to theft damage
  • 2% of claims are related to other property damage

In 2017:

  • 7% are wind and hail claims
  • 8% are fire and lightning claims
  • 4% are water damage and freezing claims
  • 1% are theft claims
  • 1% are other property damage claims

In 2016:

  • 8% are wind and hail claims
  • 9% are fire and lightning claims
  • 5% are water damage and freezing claims
  • 8% are theft claims
  • 4% are other claims

What Types of Homeowners’ Insurance Policies are Available in Boca Raton?

Boca Raton insurance companies have eight types of insurance policies:

  • HO-1 policies cover named perils such as theft and vandalism, hail, windstorm damage, etc.
  • HO-2 insurance policies include more named perils than the HO-1 policies, such as damage related to falling objects, electrical and heating damage.
  • HO-3 policies are more comprehensive special forms, and they include an exclusion list with perils that aren’t covered. The dangers that aren’t in the exclusion list are all covered by the HO-3 policy.
  • HO-4 policies only benefit renters, and they cover personal belongings and liability-related perils.
  • HO-5 insurance policies provide the most extensive coverage. In Boca Raton, homeowners use HO-5 policies to insure their homes against water damage, flood damage, mold damage, etc. These policies are more expensive, though.
  • HO-6 policies help condominium owners insure their condos for personal liability and belongings-related property damage.
  • HO-7 policies are specific to mobile homeowners, covering typical damage related to mobile homes.
  • HO-8 insurance policies provide HO-3-type coverage for older homes with insurance equal to the home’s market value or replacement cost.

How do I prepare for an insurance adjuster?

When you have property damage, your first instinct might be to clean up all the debris and try to fix the problem. That’s actually the worst thing you can do. It’s best to leave your damaged property exactly the way it is until the insurance adjuster looks at it. Don’t fix or anything or clean anything up until the adjuster had done a full investigation.

Before the insurance adjuster arrives at your house, it’s a good idea to take photographs of the damage yourself. Also, make a list of all the damaged areas of your home and any destroyed items that were inside it. Personal possession losses can be claimed by filling out a proof-of-loss form. You must provide specific information about your possessions, such as the dates you purchased them, the amount of money you paid for them, and their make and model numbers. That’s why it’s wise to have this form filled out even before an accident or natural disaster damages your home.

How do insurance adjusters determine home damage?

After you file a home damage claim with your insurance company, an insurance adjuster will visit your home to investigate the damage. The adjuster will be experienced at assessing and surveying the specific type of home damage you have incurred, whether it is water damage, hurricane damage, fire damage, and so on.

The insurance adjuster must verify the legitimacy of the home damage claim. They can do this by looking for signs of preexisting damage or corresponding damage. For instance, if you claim that water damaged your floors because of a leaky roof, the adjuster will be able to tell whether the floor damage is new or old. These are the kinds of things they look for to determine the truth about a claim. 

At the conclusion of their assessment, the adjuster will estimate the value of the damage. The insurance company will determine the actual cash value of the damage based on the report submitted by the insurance adjuster. If the claim appears valid, the insurance company will send a check to the policyholder.

Should I accept the first offer of compensation for my home damage?

Insurance companies are businesses. They want to pay the lowest amount of compensation possible. That’s why you should never accept their first offer of compensation. The only exception would be if you’ve sought advice from an independent legal counsel who provides an accurate valuation of your claim, and that amount matches what the insurance company’s offer. Otherwise, do not accept the first offer.

If you’re dealing with property damage only, you might want to hire a public adjuster to negotiate a fair settlement on your behalf. However, there might be situations where a personal injury was incurred because of an unforeseen disaster. In these situations, don’t accept any compensation offers until you know exactly what your medical expenses will be.

Many insurance companies are quick to make compensation offers if you’ve been injured. If you accept their offer prematurely, you can’t seek further compensation if you discover that your medical expenses will be considerably more.

Can a Boca Raton public adjuster be a contractor?

No. It is illegal in most jurisdictions for a public adjuster to be a contractor on the same insurance claim. If a public adjuster is caught serving as a contractor on one of their claims, they could face severe penalties and other liability costs.

This is just one more reason why it’s important to find a legitimate and reputable public adjuster. If you find a public adjuster who offers you special “discount” on contracted services, run away quickly and report them to your State Attorney General’s office. You should do the same thing if you come across a contractor that offers to be your adjuster by negotiating your claim for you.

The rule of thumb here is simple. A public adjuster should stick to negotiating with insurance companies only, while contractors should stick with repair work only. Anyone who breaks that rule is not worth your time. If you need more answers, contact ProFloridian Claims Consultants, your top Public Adjuster in Boca Raton, Florida.