Water Damage Public Adjuster in Florida

Water Damage Public Adjuster
Water Damage Public Adjuster

Water damage affects more homes in the United States than any other type of property damage. According to a statistic published by Beat’s Review, the biggest homeowner’s insurance claims due to water damage are over $500,000. For most homeowners, they claim an average of over $6,700 for their water damage issues.

In Florida, homeowner’s insurance policies do not cover flooding unless you purchase flood insurance separately. Most Floridians fail to do that, even though the state is prone to getting hurricanes and heavy rain each year. However, any other type of water damage to your property should be covered by your insurance policy. Some examples of covered water damage include:

  • Rainwater leaks through your roof
  • Toilet overflows due to clogging
  • Toilet leaks
  • Dishwasher leaks
  • The sewage system is backed up to maximum capacity
  • Washing machine malfunctions and overflows with water
  • Cracked or worn out pipes
  • Burst pipes

Any of these problems can cause significant water damage to your home. If you don’t fix the problem fast enough, then your home’s internal structure could suffer permanent damage. That is why stopping the problem must be your first priority. Don’t worry about filing an insurance claim until the problem can no longer get any worse.

For example, if your pipes suddenly burst and water comes pouring out into your kitchen or bathroom, you’ll want to head to the main water shutoff valve of your home and turn it off immediately. Since Florida homes don’t have basements, you’ll probably find your main water shutoff valve located outside next to your house. It should have a red knob.

Once you shut off the valve, it will stop any more water from flowing to the appliances, showers, and faucets of your home. Whenever you have a toilet leak, washing machine problem, or pipe issue, the shutoff valve will stop the leak from getting any worse. If you have a roof leak or sewage backup, then you’d call a plumber to resolve those issues.

Assess the water damage in your home by taking photos and writing down details of it. You’ll want to produce as much evidence and information about the damage as possible. Then you can file a water damage insurance claim to report the incident and let your insurance company know what is going on. They will send a public adjuster to your property to assess the damage for themselves. Don’t clean up the water or fix anything until they see the damage first.

Contact a local Water Damage Public Adjuster

Water damage is a very serious problem for a home. It can literally cause thousands of dollars in damages. Your furniture, flooring and walls are all susceptible to extensive damage if the water gets too out of control.

It is important for your insurance company to pay you the maximum amount of compensation in order to cover the costs of these damages. Unfortunately, their water damage public adjuster may not consider every damaged area of your home when they come up with a payout estimate.

To ensure you don’t end up in this situation, call ProFloridian Claims Consultants to speak with a public adjuster. If we take your case, we can file your insurance claim and talk with the claims adjuster for you.

We’ll do our own assessment of the damages to come up with a more realistic estimate for compensation. If they know you have a professional public adjuster on your side, the insurance company will be more willing to make a reasonable offer.

Florida Water Damage Claims Public Insurance Adjusters

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