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Fort Lauderdale Public Adjuster - ProFloridianDo you need representation for a property insurance claim in Fort Lauderdale? If so, then consider hiring a certified public adjuster from ProFloridian Claims Consultants. We’ll appraise the value of your property damage and negotiate a fair insurance claim settlement on your behalf with the insurance company.

Denied Claims

Has your property damage claim been denied? If it has, you might think that’s the end of your case, but it is not. You have the right to appeal the insurance company’s decision and fight for a reversal of the denial. That’s where our services can be of great use to you.

We are property-claim adjusting service providers that can represent you in a claim denial case. The first thing we’ll do is send one of our public adjusters to review the evidence and damage. We’ll compare our findings to the findings of the insurance claim adjuster. If there are discrepancies or inconsistencies between the two findings, we’ll contact your insurance company and provide our findings to them.

Since they won’t want to risk a lawsuit for denying your claim unfairly, they will likely reverse their claim denial decision and negotiate to give you a fair settlement. Insurance companies tend to get intimidated by policyholders who are represented by professionals.

Of course, we recommend that you contact us before attempting to file a property damage claim with your insurance company. This will increase the likelihood of a favorable outcome.

Water Damage

 Water damage can happen after a big storm outside or when your pipes spring a small leak. It doesn’t take much water for a house to suffer water damage. Your walls, ceilings, and floors are all highly susceptible to water damage.

Our public adjusters can assess the level of water damage in your home and review the mitigating circumstances surrounding it. If the water damage was found to be unavoidable, we’re confident we can present a strong case to your insurance company as to why they should honor your water damage claim.

Fire Damage

 Fire damage is usually severe when it happens in a home. Common causes of fire damage include kitchen accidents from cooking, natural wildfires, lit cigarettes not properly discarded, and arson. The exact cause of the fire damage determines whether the insurance company will approve a fire damage claim or not.

Our public adjusters will want to determine the cause of the fire damage first. We’ll review the police and fire reports before coming to our own conclusions. Based on the available evidence, we will present a case in your defense to the insurance company to get you full compensation for your fire damage claim.

Hurricane Damage

 Florida is known for its hurricanes, especially over the last five years. It seems like hurricanes are now an annual event . If your house is ever in the path of a monstrous hurricane and suffers damage from it, then you deserve compensation from your insurer. After all, what else could you have done to stop the hurricane? Not much.

We have a near-perfect success rate in getting hurricane damage compensation for our clients from insurance companies.Hire us today for assistance with your hurricane damage claim.

Hail Damage

 Did you know it can hail in Florida? In fact, many of our clients have experienced damage to their homes because of a hailstorm. Most of the damage occurs to their roof, because hailstones hit shingles pretty hard.

If you incurred roof damage or any other property damage because of a hailstorm, we won’t have any problem convincing your insurance company to approve your hail damage claim.

Wind Damage

 Wind damage often coincides with hurricanes and tropical storms. However, your home may also experience wind damage from winds that are no stronger than 25 mph. Florida gets surprise windstorms throughout the year. Any type of wind damage incurred by your home will entitle you to property damage compensation from your insurance company.

Contact our experienced public adjusters for assistance with your wind damage claim today.

Roof Damage

 Roof damage can happen from windstorms, hurricanes, or objects falling onto your roof. It’s important to repair damaged roofs quickly to prevent rain from leaking into your home.

Our public adjusters will assess your roof damage and prove to the insurance company that an act of nature caused the damage and that you deserve to have your insurance claim approved. 

Contact our experienced public adjusters for assistance with your roof damage claim today.

Mold Damage

 Mold damage is one aftereffect of roof damage and/or water damage. Florida is already hot and humid. If too much moisture builds up in your home, mold will grow very quickly.

Insurance companies are hesitant to approve mold damage claims. You must be able to prove the mold was caused by an incident such as a storm or burst pipe. We can gather this kind of evidence and work to convince your insurance company that your mold growth was not an ongoing problem.

Income Loss Damage

 Do you own a business that suffered lost income because of hurricane damage, vandalism, or some other unavoidable occurrence? If so, then our public adjusters will ensure your insurance company reimburses you for a percentage of your lost revenue based on the coverage described in your insurance policy agreement.

Contact our experienced public adjusters for assistance with your income-loss damage claim today.

Theft/Vandalism Damage

 You can never predict when theft or vandalism might occur on your property. The resulting harm might be a broken window – or a substantial financial loss. After you call the police and file a police report, your next step should be to call our public adjusters. Let us help you file a theft/vandalism damage claim and ensure your insurance company won’t deny it.

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