Hurricane Damage Public Adjuster in Florida

Hurricane Damage Public Adjuster
Hurricane Damage Public Adjuster

According to the Insurance Information Institute, Hurricane Irma caused up to $27 billion worth of damage to properties in the United States when it struck in 2017. Most of the property damage claims came from Florida properties.

Whenever new hurricanes form in the Atlantic Ocean, Florida is in the direct path of them regularly. It is even worse for citizens of Fort Lauderdale and Miami because South Florida typically gets hit the hardest by hurricanes. If you’re not prepared for these hurricanes, then one of them could completely wipe you out financially.

Aside from boarding up the windows of your property, you need to have adequate insurance coverage for hurricane-related property damage. Most homeowner’s insurance policies in Florida include hurricane coverage, but you should double-check with your insurance company anyway just to make sure. You never know when they might try to hide the truth about your coverage from you.

When to File a Hurricane Damage Claim

Hurricane damage and wind damage fall under the same category. A tropical windstorm or hurricane storm could cause physical damage to your property. The damage could be as minor as a few shingles flying off your roof or as serious as a big tree getting blown down onto your house. Water damage may very well occur during a hurricane as well.

Here is when you’ll know it is time to file a hurricane damage claim:

  • Siding damage
  • Drywall damage
  • Roof Damage and leaks
  • Electrical damage
  • Mold growth

Whenever your property experiences damages, leaks, or mold growth after a hurricane, then you have grounds for filing a claim. But first, collect as much evidence from the scene as you can. Take pictures of the damages from every angle so that you have them for your records. Even though the claims adjuster will do the same thing later, it is better to have your own set of photographs just in case the claims adjuster doesn’t take pictures of all the damaged areas.

Hurricane damage is fairly easy to prove because hurricanes are widely reported. When a hurricane makes landfall along the eastern coast of Florida, you won’t be the only homeowner filing a property damage claim. Of course, this will back up your insurance company with several claims, so you’ll need to have patience before they can review your particular claim.

Please note: Flooding might come in the aftermath of a hurricane. Unfortunately, hurricane insurance coverage does not include flood damage. You must purchase a separate policy for it.

Hurricane Damage Public Adjusters Can Help

 If the value of your property losses greatly exceeds the deductible amount on your homeowner’s insurance policy, then you’ll want to fight for the best settlement possible. Don’t deal with the claims adjusters by yourself because they’ll try to give you the lowest settlement possible.

Hire a public adjuster from ProFloridian Claims Consultants to take on your case. Not only do we have professional public adjusters who can conduct their own assessment of the hurricane damage, but we also have a team of attorneys to help you seek compensation in case your claim is denied. It is much cheaper to hire us instead of your own attorney because our public adjuster services will include attorney assistance. 

The aftermath of a hurricane can be difficult to deal with. Let us help you through this difficult time in your life by communicating with the insurance claims adjuster for you. We’ll make sure they settle for an amount that covers all the damage your property incurred.

Florida Hurricane Damage Claims Public Insurance Adjusters

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