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Water Damage Public Adjusters

The water damage is not only detrimental to your home, but also to the health of you, your family, or any other occupant. Water damage must be documented and dealt with immediately and properly. Unexpected storms and floods can damage your property at any time of the year, and you must be prepared for such a situation. Water damage is not only limited to catastrophes – even a burst pipe can get you in big trouble. Within moments, the ceilings, walls and floors of your building can be damaged or destroyed.

Moisture from water damage can cause further problems, such as mold growth, worsening the condition of your building. This situation must be taken properly care of in order to minimize the damage. You must organize a plan for the handling of your water damage claim. Doing so will be vital to the recovery of your building. ProFloridian Claims will do this for you. Our team of experts and professionals will work on your behalf and deal with all of your problems so that they can be dealt with efficiently. We’ll try our best to gain your trust by arranging for a maximum claim recovery. Understanding the terms and conditions of your insurance policy is vital for a successful outcome. We’ll help you do that. Your water damage will be evaluated and documented in detail to ensure that you get the most out of your claim.

Professional Public Adjusters

Water damage is a common but complex property insurance claim. Interpreting an insurance policy is not simple, but it can determine the success of your settlement. Without expertise and prior experience in the insurance field, you can’t handle everything by yourself. When a layman tries to handle claims by himself/herself, he or she is bound to end up with a denied, delayed or underpaid water damage restoration claim. That’s why it is important to recruit a professional to help you with your insurance claim.

A professional will guide you through the process and help you in customer-specific situations. Water damage public adjusters like the ones at ProFloridian Claims are skilled at what they do. They can interpret your policy and can defeat the insurance company’s argument before the claim is denied. Hiring a public adjuster ensures that your claim will be accepted, and not delayed.

Take the Burden Off Your Shoulders

You don’t have to figure everything out by yourself. Doing so will increase the probability of your claim being denied. You can trust us with your insurance claims and we, in return, will try our best to win maximum insurance compensation for you.

You will get the best optimal within a short span of time. There’s no point in waiting long for claim to be accepted. We’ll finish the job sooner than you expect. Whenever your claim is complex or you can’t properly understand the insurance company’s terms, contact us for quick help.

Negotiating On Your Behalf

ProFloridian Claims utilizes the expertise of its professionals to understand policies, standards, and laws to defend and assist policyholders like you. We will evaluate your insurance policy to establish the best possible strategy for presenting your claim to the insurance company. We focus on valuing, documenting, and substantiating every tiny detail.

We will negotiate on your behalf with the insurance company. Our aim is to alleviate all your worries. Settling your claim for the best possible amount within the shortest period of time is our utmost priority.

Settling For The Best

Commonly, insurance companies deny water damage claims by pointing out that the policyholder failed to maintain their property. This is a common excuse used to deny water damage claims. In such a situation, we will perform a thorough investigation to determine the true cause of the damage. This will help you obtain a settlement for your claim that was previously denied or underpaid.

Our public adjusters have won hundreds of settlements. Trusting us will ensure that your claim will be thoroughly investigated and properly dealt with. With our extensive experience, we can determine the best course of action. Water damage can cause some of the biggest financial expenses for insurance companies, which is why claiming for such damage is more difficult than it is for other claims. But we believe that no matter what, each policyholder should be entitled to a quick and fair settlement.

Avoid Complex Processes

Water can cause a huge amount of damage that is extremely subtle, as water damage from leaks is typically hidden from plain sight. The claims process is complicated and policyholders are typically intimidated by it. Claiming water damage is a long, winding, and unfamiliar road that is stressful to travel alone. ProFloridian Claims can help you each step of the way.

If you’re like most people, you have not really read, nor do you fully understand your insurance policy provisions. You may not know everything you’re rightfully entitled to according to the terms and provisions of your insurance policy regarding water damage to your property.

Homeowner’s insurance policies usually do not cover flooding unless you purchase flood insurance separately. As public adjusters who deal with flood issues on a regular basis, we recommend that you read and understand your flood insurance policy before any unfortunate event occurs, as it your coverage is limited in amounts and scope of coverage.

Water damage can strike your building anytime, anywhere. Generally, the occurrences are sudden and unexpected, and the damages are often exceedingly difficult to detect, depending on the specific nature of the loss. Events such as frozen pipe leaks, broken pipes, leaks from appliances, sewage backups, and water entering from an opening on the roof are typical water losses covered under most policies. For those who have had no prior experience in handling an insurance claim, policy language can be very confusing at best. Any type of water damage generally takes time for the effects to show up. Wood and other types of furnishings may take days to dry. Often, separation and splitting will not start to show up until much later. A professional public adjuster will work with you and the restoration company to coordinate repairs of the critical issues that water damage can present to protect your damage claim.