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Fire Damage Public Adjusters

Fire is one of the most devastating things that can happen to a property. Fire damage of any kind requires important and crucial short-term decisions from individuals who are suffering from stress, anxiety, and confusion. Usually, people don’t know what to do in such a situation. Many of them end up losing a lot of money – not only because of the fire damage, but also because they are not properly reimbursed by their insurance company. ProFloridian Claims can apply our years of practical and professional experience to help you get the most out of your fire damage claim.

We have the knowledge and the expertise required to handle any fire damage insurance claim.  The earlier you involve a public adjuster in case of a fire damage claim, the better. Doing so will help you avoid unnecessary and costly mistakes.

Expensive Repairs

Fire can cause disastrous property damage and require expensive repairs. Signs of damage from a fire include discoloration on walls, floors, ceilings, roof damage, electrical damage, water damage from the sprinkler system, etc. A fire in a building is a serious incident. Smoke can be extremely harmful for residents or whoever enters your property after the fire breaks out. Call and make an insurance claim as soon as you can.

After a fire, don’t allow your insurance company or anyone else to remove anything from your property. Second, it’s critical that you know exactly what damage is covered by your insurance policy. We can help you inspect your fire insurance policy and ensure your insurance company pays you 100% of what you deserve.

A Comprehensive Plan

Fire losses can be caused by smoke, heat, soot, the water used to extinguish the fire, and the fire itself. In case of a severe fire incident on your property, all these components combine to have a larger impact. In this case, your first step should be to prepare fire damage claim that has a low probability of being denied. To do that, it will be necessary to determine the extent of the damage.

Such an analysis is required in the beginning, for two reasons. First, it will give you an idea of your losses; second, there’s no point in repairing items that will only be replaced. We can determine what experts – such as structural engineers, appliance and electronics technicians, and cleaning and restoration specialists – should be used when formulating a comprehensive plan to return your property to its initial condition.

Smoke almost always accompanies a fire, and the hydrochloric acid produced in a typical structural fire is very corrosive. The fire’s heat pressurizes drives smoke into areas of the building can be surprisingly remote from the fire itself. This smoke can shorten the life of electronic and mechanical equipment and appliances.

The scope of restoration of your property, the value of the affected equipment, and the cost of restoration will determine whether your property will be returned to its original condition or not. All of this can make the difference between a successful claim and a denial. Once we make a preliminary evaluation of your losses, we can guide, assist, and advise you on the course of action that will allow you to resolve your claim with the insurance company.

Hire Your Own Public Adjuster

Don’t wait on the insurance adjuster from your insurance company and don’t expect them to have your best interests in mind. Contact us so you can get the claim you deserve to fix your damage and return to normal life as soon as possible.

ProFloridian Claims will be with you every step of the way. We will thoroughly document all of your losses so that we can get the most out of your insurance claim. Everything will be handled by professionals. We’ll set up all the appointments, meet with the insurance company people, and fill out all of the complex, confusing forms for you within the allowed period of time.

When you file a fire damage claim, it’s not easy to do everything on your own without any help. These claims are complex and hard for a regular policyholder to understand. You also must make sure that your property gets inspected, cleaned, repaired and rebuilt. Doing all of this by yourself is a daunting task. If you add that to the emotional toll of coping with a tremendous loss and trying to care for the people you love the most, it can be overwhelming. Working with a public adjuster firm like ProFloridian Claims can ease your stress. If your fire damage insurance claim has been denied, we can help you with that, too. Once we investigate your damages, we can ensure that an appropriate appeal is filed. We will then continue to negotiate with your insurance company on your behalf until your fire damage claim is settled.

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