Business Income Loss Public Adjuster in Florida

Business Income Loss Claim Public Adjuster
Business Income Loss Claim Public Adjuster

Contact ProFloridian Claims Consultants for help with your Business Income Loss Claim dispute. We provide free insurance claim analysis and property inspection in all Florida. We’re a Florida-based insurance Public Adjuster company specializing in residential and commercial property claims.

Property damage has a severe impact on commercial businesses. If you operate a business out of your commercial property and it suffers damage from a fire, flood, hurricane, storm, or water, it could put you out of business either temporarily or indefinitely. As a result, you’ll experience lost income because you won’t be able to operate your business until the damage is repaired.

Fortunately, some commercial property insurance policies come with business interruption coverage. According to the Insurance Information Institute, a commercial property owner can receive compensation for lost revenue through their business interruption insurance if property damage caused their business to close or be forced to relocate somewhere else.

Did your business experience a similar situation? If so, ProFloridian, a Fort Lauderdale Public Adjuster based company, can assist you. We have a team of highly trained public adjusters in all of Florida who specialize in business interruption insurance claims. We’ll do our best to make sure your insurance company honors these claims and compensates you for all the lost income that your business incurred.

What is Covered in Your Business Interruption Insurance Policy?

Business interruption insurance covers lost income and property repair expenses attributed to hurricanes, windstorms, fires, and floods. In some cases, extreme acts of vandalism may entitle you to compensation as well. You must check your insurance policy to learn about the specific damages which are covered and not covered.

When you file a claim for a business income loss, it can get difficult to work with your insurance company. They’ll want to know how long it will take for you to get your business income restored. Some policyholders may try to take advantage of the situation by purposely keeping their business shut down in order to collect extra insurance money. That is why insurance companies get strict with these types of claims.

The average business interruption insurance policy specifies that compensation stops being delivered after you have repaired the physical damage of your commercial property and restored the operation of your business. However, there may be a time limit specified in order to prevent abuse of this policy. Make sure you look for that time limit in your policy terms of service.

For business owners who truly need more time, you can elect to have an extended period of liability added onto your insurance policy. This gives you more time to restore your business back to a fully functional operation. You can get up to a year of coverage with an extended period of liability. Most business owners wouldn’t need more than a year unless their building was completely wiped out. Even then, you’ll receive compensation to relocate your business somewhere else. So, you’re covered either way.

File a Claim

You must have all the necessary information available before you file your business interruption insurance claim. Here is the information you should gather together:

  • All of your policyholder information, such as your name, policy number, physical address, email address, and phone number.
  • Details about the loss, including descriptions of what was damaged and the date in which the damage occurred.
  • Police reports and/or fire reports.

Due to the seriousness and complexity of business interruption claims, you might be better served by hiring a public adjuster to handle the claim process on your behalf. ProFloridian Claims Consultants will file your claim and work with your insurance company to ensure you get every penny of lost income and property damage compensation that you’re owed.

Florida Business Income Loss Claims Public Adjusters

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