Hail Damage Public Adjuster in Florida

Hail Damage Public Adjuster
Hail Damage Public Adjuster

According to the National Weather Service of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, approximately 4,610 severe hail storms struck the United States in 2018. Over $2.7 billion worth of claims were filed by State Farm insurance policyholders that same year because of wind and hail related property damage. As you can see, hail damage is quite serious.

When northerners move down to Fort Lauderdale, they’re surprised to learn that even Florida is susceptible to hail. In fact, the hail in Florida is much more dangerous than the hail up north because it falls when hurricanes strike. The hurricane-force winds blow large hailstones toward the ground at over 100 mph. If a hailstone at this speed were to hit a person or property, it would cause a lot of damage to either one.

Spring and Fall are when hail occurs the most in Florida. You should check your roof for damage periodically during these two seasons. Hailstones might not seem like a serious threat because they’re so small, but they can still do some damage. There doesn’t always need to be a hurricane for them to fall down quickly either. Sometimes all it takes is some heavy gusts of wind, and you could have hailstones falling on your property in no time.

How to Detect Hail Damage

Wind and debris are common causes of roof damage. But if you ever hear strange thumping sounds on a consistent basis which seem to come from the top of your house, then they are probably hailstones striking your roof. Don’t investigate the situation until the thumping sounds have stopped. Otherwise, there is a possibility that you could get hurt by hailstones if you climb up onto the roof prematurely.

When the coast is clear, grab a ladder and climb up onto your roof. Do you see any roof damage? Are there pieces of ice and melted water on the roof? If both of these things are present, then it is safe to say that the hailstones damaged your roof. Take photographs of the roof damage right away. If you can capture the melting hailstones on camera before they melt completely, this will make it easier to convince the insurance claims adjuster that hail caused the damage.

Contact ProFloridian Hail Damage Public Adjusters

Homeowners and business owners must face the consequences of hail storms each year. The extent of the damage in which hailstones can cause to your property is quite substantial. You could literally end up with thousands of dollars in damages if the hailstorm was bad enough. From broken windows to damaged roofs, you need to make sure your insurance company gives you the maximum amount for your hail damage claim.

Before you file the claim, it would be wise for you to obtain the services of ProFloridian Claims Consultants. Our team of public adjusters can conduct an investigation of the damage by photographing and analyzing the scene. We’ll assess your roof, windows and any other areas of your property that were damaged by hailstones.

Once we’ve obtained enough evidence, we’ll assist you in filing the hail damage claim with your insurance company. Our public adjusters will be in regular contact with your insurance company and the claims adjuster they send to investigate the claim. We’re transparent with our work, so you’ll be informed on the status of your claim every step of the way.

In the end, our goal is to get you the biggest settlement possible. We’ll even try to expedite the process by putting pressure on the insurance company to settle quickly. Contact us for more information or to get started with your free consultation.

Florida Hail Damage Claims Public Insurance Adjusters

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