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Expert Public Adjuster in Broward That Will Fight for You From Start to Finish. 

Has your Broward home, business or commercial property sustained damage and is in need of restoration? You may benefit from hiring a licensed public adjuster in Broward. A professional public adjuster like ProFloridian Claims Consultants will help you navigate the entire insurance claim process.

ProFloridian Claims Consultants is a certified public adjusting firm offering insurance claim assistance to commercial and residential property owns facing a covered insurance loss due to theft/vandalism, hurricane, water, fire, flood, hail, mold, storm, earthquake, tornado, and rain.

Our goal at ProFloridian Claims Consultants is to work exclusively for you—not the insurance company—to help you get the maximum compensation you deserve. When you choose a premier Broward public adjuster like ProFloridian Claims Consultants, you can look forward to qualified service, open communication, and fair compensation.

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Did your Broward property suffer unexpected damage? If so, contact ProFloridian Claims Consultants to inquire about our property claim adjusting services. We’ll make sure you receive every dollar of what your insurance coverage permits for the property damage incurred.

ProFloridian Claims Consultants has a professional team of public adjusters that have a high rate of success in helping clients get their property damage claims approved. Call us today to find out how we can help you obtain the outcome you want.

How Our Services Work

The process begins when you first notice the damage to your property. Most people proceed to file a claim with their insurance company. However, you should contact our public adjusters and let us file the property damage claim for you. This will let the insurance company know that you have professional representation.

Next, an inspection will be scheduled with one of our public adjusters and a claim adjuster from your insurance company. We will meet at your property at the appointed time to inspect the damage together. Our public adjuster will be there to represent you, while the claims adjuster represents the insurance company.

We Get Paid, When You Get Paid!

An estimated value of the damages will be presented by us to the claim adjuster. They will also come up with their own estimate. We will attempt to negotiate with the claim adjuster at the meeting, but they will probably want to consult with their colleagues. If they want additional documentation about the incident (such as police reports or fire reports), we’ll provide them to the insurance company for you.

Broward Public Adjuster
A Broward Public Adjuster showing a client property damages to her home to document for the insurance company. Photo by Karin & Uwe Annas

ProFloridian helps with:

Public Adjuster FAQs

Denied Insurance Claims 

Insurance companies are in the business of denying claims. That’s how they stay in business. They will look for any reason to deny your claim or award you a less-than- satisfactory amount on your claim. You can’t risk letting this happen, especially where your home is concerned. You need to fight for an amount that is fair, based on your current insurance policy terms and coverage limits. 

Water Damage Water Damage

Water damage can be caused by a leaky roof, burst pipes, a clogged drain, leaky pipes, rainwater, and floods. Broward County is certainly familiar with floods and rainwater, since hurricanes pass through the area each year. If your home has been damaged by water, then you need your insurance coverage more than ever. Water damage can result in thousands of dollars in repair costs. ProFloridian Claims Consultants can pressure your insurance company to compensate you for every last penny you are owed for these damages. We can help ensure that your water damage claim will be approved. 

Fire Damage Fire Damage

Fire damage can happen on a property because of wildfires, arsonists, damaged electrical wiring, kitchen accidents, and lit cigarettes. In Florida, lightning strikes have caused fires as well. If your home or business suffers fire damage from any of these reasons, our public adjusters will present the best case possible to your insurance company so they will approve your fire damage claim. 

Hurricane Damage Hurricane Damage

A lot of Florida businesses and homes suffer hurricane damage. Since Broward is on Florida’s east coast, it’s right in the path of most of the hurricanes that hit the state. Hurricanes have the potential to destroy properties and cause tens of thousands of dollars in damages. If your house is damaged by a hurricane, you’ll want a public adjuster to represent your hurricane damage claim case. ProFloridian Claims Consultants has plenty of experience in representing clients who have had to deal with hurricane damage. 

Hail Damage

Hailstorms are just as common in Florida as they are elsewhere in the country. Don’t let the state’s tropical weather fool you into thinking that hailstorms can’t happen. If you hear a rumbling on your roof and it turns out to be hailstones, you’ll likely incur damage to your roof, windows, and other parts of your property. Take pictures of the hailstones and the damaged areas immediately. Then call ProFloridian Claims Consultants so we can file a claim and get the hail damage claim process started. 

Wind Damage Wind Damage

Florida gets heavy winds all the time – and it’s not just hurricane-force winds that can damage your property. In fact, if a tree is already in bad shape near your property and a gust of wind blows it down onto your house, it would count as wind damage. Unless there was a hurricane, it’s difficult to prove wind damage to insurance companies. You’ll need the support of ProFloridian Claims Consultants, who build a case for you after we inspect the damage and review the evidence. Contact our experienced public adjusters for assistance with your wind damage claim today. 

Roof Damage Roof Damage

It’s critically important to have a strong roof, because it prevents rain – and, by extension, mold – from causing problems in your house. Unfortunately, roofs are susceptible to so many different natural and man-made factors – including hurricanes, heavy winds, animals, fallen debris, fallen trees, and vandalism – that cause damage. Roof damage is easier to prove after a complete investigation into the cause. We will do that for you. Schedule an appointment with experienced public adjusters for assistance with your roof damage claim. 

Mold Damage Mold Damage

Insurance companies are often skeptical about mold damage claims. You need to prove you didn’t cause the mold to form because you neglected to properly care for your property. Things like humidity and water leaks must be dealt with immediately to prevent mold formation. The only way a mold damage insurance claim will be approved is if you can show the insurance company that you did everything possible to prevent the mold. If you hire one of our public adjusters, we can prove that you did. 

Business Interruption Insurance 

If you own a business that suffers any of these types of damage, your business may lose income. Hurricanes are the biggest disrupters of businesses, because the owners have to spend weeks or months fixing their building. They can’t open their doors to customers unless the repairs are done. In the meantime, they need to bring in revenue to compensate for the loss. Income loss insurance coverage should give them this compensation. To make sure your insurer follows through, let ProFloridian represent you and file your income-loss damage claim

Theft and Vandalism Damage 

Thieves and vandals can strike at any time in Broward. Even having surveillance cameras set up outside won’t guarantee anything. If your home or building has incurred damage or property has been stolen, call the police first to file a report. Then contact ProFloridian Claims Consultants and ask for a public adjuster to represent you. We will proceed from there and file a theft/vandalism damage claim after we’ve inspected the damage personally.

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ProFloridian Claims Consultants serves all residential and commercial property owners in the Broward County area. We’ll work tirelessly to get your property damage claim approved. That’s what we do best!

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What percentage does an insurance adjuster get?

An insurance adjuster will typically charge a commission anywhere from 10% to 20% of the final claim settlement amount. Of course, fees vary across cities and states, but expect a 10% to 20% commission to be charged. So, for example, if the value of your insurance claim is around $25,000, your insurance adjuster will charge 20% of this amount, or $5,000.

If the settlement amount were much bigger – $100,000 or more – the insurance adjuster may charge a 10% to 12% commission fee. So if the severity of the damage to your home is estimated to be worth $100,000 and the insurance adjuster’s fee is 10%, you will pay $10,000 out of the $100,000 settlement.

Are public adjusters worth the money?

The whole point of hiring a public adjuster is to ensure that your insurance claim is investigated and processed properly. If you feel you have a risky insurance claim, especially one worth a lot of money, you might not want risk handling it yourself. Hiring a public adjuster to negotiate with your insurance company on your behalf might be worth the money it will cost.

Unfortunately, there are a lot of setbacks to hiring a public adjuster. If you don’t choose an honest and reputable one, you could be stuck with prolonged negotiations and attempts to overstate the value of the claim. The insurance company’s claims adjuster will conduct their own investigation and do the same work that your public adjuster will do.

If you have a good relationship with your insurance company and are confident they will be fair and honest with you about the claim, you might to let their adjuster handle the investigation for free.

What is the difference between an adjuster and a public adjuster?

Don’t confuse a public adjuster with an independent adjuster. In fact, they are different types of adjusters. People often assume “independent” adjusters are separate from the insurance company adjusters. Wrong!

Independent adjusters do work for insurance companies, but on a contractual basis. They are not salaried adjusters like the normal claims adjusters who work for insurance companies. Independent adjusters work for insurance companies on a commission basis only. Once a claim is settled, the independent adjusters receive a percentage of the claim as their commission.

Public adjusters also work on commission, but they work for the policyholders instead of the insurance companies. That’s why public adjusters are also called private adjusters, which makes it even more confusing for some people.

To clarify:

Insurance company adjusters/independent adjusters – work for insurance company

Public/private adjusters – work for you!

When should I hire a local Broward public adjuster?

You must decide whether or not to hire a public adjuster whenever you need to file an insurance claim. You basically have to weigh the pros and cons of hiring a public adjuster.

The pros include the fact that an adjuster will conduct an investigation that is separate from the insurance company investigation. If you suspect your insurance company might try to deny your claim or offer you a low settlement, a public adjuster can collect the necessary evidence and dispute their argument.

The cons include having to pay the public adjuster a commission based on a percentage of the settlement. If the claim is small, hiring a public adjuster probably won’t be worth it. Sometimes the public adjuster may inflate the claim value to earn a higher commission. This could keep the negotiations dragging on for months.

It’s best to hire a public adjuster when the damage amount is significant. Any claim worth more than $30,000 might be better handled by a public adjuster.