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Broward, FL is a beautiful location on Florida’s east coast, next to the Atlantic Ocean, and hurricanes often pass over the area. If you’ve lived in Broward for a long time, you’re already used to them. 

Hurricane Damage Public Adjuster - ProFloridian

You also know that your property may experience hurricane damage on a yearly basis – and that if and when it occurs, your homeowner’s insurance policy should cover it. No South Florida property owner should ever be without hurricane coverage, especially since the region’s hurricane threat level is increasing each year.

When you file a hurricane damage claim with your insurance company, they will be well aware of the recent hurricane that hit your area. Thousands of other policyholders will be making hurricane damage claims similar to yours, so you won’t need to convince your insurer that a hurricane actually struck your home. But you will have to convince them that the damage was caused by that specific hurricane, and not something else.

Our hurricane damage public adjusters in Broward are trained to handle hurricane damage claims filed with Florida insurance companies. Since hurricane damage to a home tends to be significant, it’s unwise to handle your claim by yourself. Let a professional public adjuster do it on your behalf.

A public adjuster will ensure that accurate evidence is collected and reported to the insurer. This helps ensure that you will receive compensation that matches the value of the damage to your property. If you have a public adjuster on your side, there is virtually no risk of your insurance company underpaying or denying your hurricane damage claim. Contact ProFloridian Claims Consultants at 954-588-7416 today.