Mold Damage Public Adjuster in Florida

Mold Damage Public Adjuster
Mold Damage Public Adjuster

Mold is something that grows in warm and moist environments. It feeds on natural organic materials like wood and cotton. The number one area in your home where you’ll see mold is in the bathroom. Since this is the room where you take hot showers and use a lot of water, it only makes sense that mold would love this room. But what happens when you start seeing mold growth on the ceilings and drywall of other rooms in your home? This would not be a good situation.

According to, mold damage is only covered by a homeowner’s insurance policy if a covered peril was the main reason for the damage. The definition of a covered peril is some other type of damage that is covered by your insurance policy, such as flood damage, fire damage, wind damage, storm damage, and so on.

For instance, if your roof is damaged by a hurricane, and it causes water to leak into your home, you could end up with mold damage soon afterwards. This is a circumstance where your homeowner’s insurance policy would cover the damage because a covered peril caused the mold to form in your home.

On the other hand, if mold damage were to occur in your home because you left the windows open or failed to dehumidify your indoor environment, then your insurance company would not cover the damage. They would simply blame you for neglecting your home and allowing these conditions to exist.

Filing a Mold Damage Claim

There are so many reasons why mold may be present in your home. You cannot file a mold damage claim simply because you see mold on your walls or ceiling. The insurance company looks very closely at why the mold is there in the first place. It is very rare for an insurance company to approve a mold damage claim if a covered peril doesn’t exist. Mold damage claims typically coincide with water damage or roof damage claims. This is what the insurance company will be looking for. Contacting a Mold Damage Public Adjuster is your best hope.

Therefore, you should only file a claim if you’ve experienced the covered peril and now you see mold growing inside your property. You’ll know mold when you see it because it is a strange black or white growth that spreads on your furniture, walls, ceiling, and any other natural-based materials. Although it is somewhat normal to see mold in your garage and bathroom, you should never see it in your bedroom or kitchen. If you do, then you definitely have mold damage caused by one of your covered perils.

In that case, give our customer service team a call at ProFloridian Claims Consultants and make an appointment to speak with one of our public adjusters. We’ll investigate the mold growth of your property to verify the cause of it. Photographs and written details of the damage will be taken as well.

Once we’re done collecting evidence and assessing the damage, we’ll proceed to file a claim with your insurance company. We’ll make the case that a covered peril was the cause of your mold damage and that you’re entitled to a maximum settlement to cover the repair costs. We won’t rest until the insurance company pays you the compensation you deserve.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Florida Mold Damage Claims Public Insurance Adjusters

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