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Wind Damage Public Adjusters

If your property is damaged due to strong winds or a tornado, you’ll probably be in dire need of a hefty settlement from your insurance company. But getting one is easier said than done. Wind damage in Florida often costs more than your insurance deductible. Wind damage claims are also one of the most common insurance claims filed. Getting a reasonable settlement is particularly difficult for policyholders who work directly with their insurer. If a professional public adjuster is not mediating between you and your insurance company, you stand to lose a lot of money and time. Insurance companies will often try to pay you an amount that does not cover the damage your property incurred, which means you’ll have to spend extra dollars to restore your property to its original state.

If you try your best to file a wind damage claim yourself, the insurance company will try to avoid a settlement that will leave you in a comfortable position. Doing so will represent a loss to them, which they obviously don’t want. They may try to deny your claim, even if your policy indicates you’re covered for wind damage. If you know beforehand that you are covered, take all the precautionary measures you can to avoid a denial. It’s important to know the many ways that your insurance company will try to deny your claim. Once you’ve done your homework and eliminated all the loopholes they might use to justify a denied claim, you’ll be ready to file for a successful settlement. Being armed with the facts enables you to respond to any argument they may put forth.

Windstorms & Hailstorms

In a storm, wind isn’t the only thing that can affect your property. Storms can lead to storm, hail and water damage, too. They can create minor problems or destroy vehicles and parts of buildings. Storms are usually accompanied by intense winds, so it’s safe to say that when you consider wind damage, storm damage must be taken into consideration as well. Hail can cause a surprising amount of damage in a brief period. It can break windows, and strong hailstorms with fierce winds can wreak significant damage. If you have experienced storm damage caused by hail or wind, the team at ProFloridian Claims Consultants can help you win a fair settlement. We will try our best to cover all the damages in your claim.

Water damage can create major problems. Wind can drive water into places that you do not expect. Water can damage roofs and, in turn, devastate your home. It will need a complete revamp in such a case. Water can even increase the probability of a sinkhole, a roof collapse, or flooding. If you live in a place known for strong windstorms, you need a comprehensive plan in place to deal with these problems should they arise.

Winds Can Be Devastating

Quickly recovering a fair insurance settlement that allows you to return your property to its prior condition is a daunting and confusing process. It involves several complex steps that a regular policyholder cannot complete without anxiety. Using the services of a professional public adjuster can lighten your load during this traumatic time.

Most homeowners and policyholders will underestimate the true extent of the wind damage on their properties. Powerful storms like hurricanes and tornadoes can destroy almost everything in their path, from personal items to entire houses. High-speed winds are common in many areas, and you must have a reliable insurance plan if you live in one. After a natural disaster hits, checking the home for damages is usually the last thing on the victim’s mind. But properly documenting and analysing losses and damage is crucial to filing a successful insurance claim.

Proper Inspection

After the storm, the entire property must be inspected for anything that might be wrong. The best strategy is to contact a professional public adjuster right away. This will save you from any extra hassle and enable you to free your mind to deal with other worries. Also, you’ll be able to claim insurance money in a professional manner and avoid extra repairs and problems. It can be difficult to navigate the tricky waters of wind damage. Even if you think you can handle it on your own, you’re probably wrong. Whether you are a first-time homeowner or have owned your home for decades, you can make plenty of mistakes if you are not aware of them before you proceed.

Avoiding Common Mistakes

It’s important to be thorough when checking for wind damage after a storm, but it’s equally vital to avoid the common mistakes that many homeowners make after they’ve ensured a disaster. Failing to assess the damage completely will lead to your claim being denied. Making critical mistakes during the claims process is common among policyholders. That’s where public adjusters like ProFloridian Claims can come in handy. We’ll help you get through your time of trouble without placing additional strain on your shoulders.