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Although most strategies and methodologies in adjusting theft and vandalism damage claims are similar to those for other losses, there are unique aspects to theft and vandalism damage claims that require special attention and expertise. Not everyone can handle these types of claims easily, especially without prior experience.

With respect to the theft / vandalism incident, most questions asked by the insurance companies will be answered and supported by official police reports that document the actual event. These reports actually contain an account of everything that might have happened. Insurance companies use them to verify that the event happened and to help them determine whether or not the claim should be accepted. These reports can play a crucial role in the outcome of your theft / vandalism damage claim. It’s critical that a police report be filed in any claim involving theft or vandalism. You should ensure that the police report and the report of the items being claimed are both correct. Insurance companies will look into all of these details to make sure that the claim is accurate.

Every day, a homeowner in the United States must deal with theft and vandalism. Knowing that these incidents are so common, you should have a plan for what to do if something similar happens to you. Understanding your insurance contract when dealing with theft and vandalism claims is crucial. You and your insurance company should be on the same page. As the policyholder, you must understand the terms and conditions of the policy. If your property has been damaged or destroyed as a result of a criminal act, you must file an insurance claim as soon as possible. Such cases must be reported immediately.

Be Careful When Filing Theft Claims

Typically, insurance policies will list Theft and Vandalism as two separate perils. You must know whether your policy does, too. In many instances, a property owner will incur losses from both crimes, and there is a fine line between how they may be defined. If a theft or vandalism claim is not thoroughly investigated and presented by a policyholder, it’s possible that the insurance carrier may consider addressing the loss under two separate claims, and therefore apply two separate deductibles.

If this happens, you may end up losing more money. Therefore, it’s useful to have a helping hand when filing your claim. This is where ProFloridian Claims comes into play. We will help you in such a situation and ensure that your theft / vandalism claim is filed properly.

Highly Experienced Professionals

Vandalism and theft can occur even when you have security measures in place. Experienced robbers can easily rob even the most highly guarded places. Theft from your home and commercial property may be perpetrated by people you know or from thieves taking advantage of a random opportunity. The point is, no matter how careful you are, you will always be vulnerable to these crimes.

ProFloridian Claims is a team of highly experienced professionals. Our public adjusters have filed many theft and vandalism insurance claims and won good settlements for the claimants. We’ll use all our experience to your advantage and try our best to reach a successful settlement with your insurance company.

Get Help

If you have a homeowner’s insurance policy, you have a right to file a claim and seek compensation for the damages and losses you have suffered due to theft or vandalism. Some people are so afraid after such an event that they don’t want to involve anyone else. This is the wrong decision. You must call the police to ensure the crime can be documented appropriately. File a police report before you file your claim, because this report will help you settle everything afterwards. After notifying the police about the incident, contact an experienced public adjuster to initiate the claim process with your insurance company.

Let Us Fight For Your Right

Acts of property theft and vandalism bring with them a sense of violation. Nobody feels comfortable when someone else enters their property without permission and with the intention to harm the residents. After facing such a horrible incident, the last thing policyholders want to do is have to prove that the vandalized or stolen items were theirs to begin with. You don’t want to solve a problem by initiating more problems. At ProFloridian Claims, we understand the dismay you feel and make it our goal to replace your private property with the least amount of trouble to you. We take the burden off your shoulders and negotiate with everyone from your insurance company on your behalf.

Insurance companies will want you to settle for less and may not give you what you deserve. This is how they make their profits. They will try their best to understate your losses so that they don’t have to pay out what you have lost. Identifying these tricks and helping policyholders is what we do at ProFloridian Claims. Our utmost priority is to help customers who do not know how to handle theft / vandalism claims on their own. We’re ready to answer your call and come to assess the losses you have suffered. Once you trust us with this work, we’ll do our utmost to file a strong claim that gets you paid exactly what you’re due.

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