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It’s tough being a business owner on Florida’s east coast. Sure, it can be lucrative when the summer and winter seasons bring in tourists from the north. The problem is that you have to deal with hurricane in spring and fall.

If a hurricane makes landfall at 180 mph, your business could be knocked out of commission for months and leave you without an income until the damage is repaired. Your business could also lose income because of unexpected fire damage or water damage resulting from the storm.

If this happens, and your insurance policy includes loss-of-income coverage, you have every right to seek compensation from your insurance company. Every business owner in Broward, Florida, should have business income loss coverage because of the risks associated with living on the east coast. You never know when bad weather, vandals, burglars, or arsonists might damage or destroy your business.

Business interruption insurance will typically compensate you for up to six months while you make repairs and get your business affairs in order. If you have an extended period of liability on your policy, you should be approved for a longer period of income compensation.

However, your insurance company will do everything possible to avoid paying out this income. Since the compensation is based on a percentage of your monthly business income, your insurance company might claim you didn’t really make earn the income you claimed. That’s why you must have all your financial records and business documentation in order.

After that, contact an income loss damage public adjuster in Broward, Florida. They can guide you through the process of handling a complicated claim. The public adjuster will even negotiate with your insurer and prove to them that you deserve the income loss compensation you need so desperately.

If your claim is approved, you can use the money to repair the damage to your building. You’ll keep receiving compensation until your business is up and running again.