Broward Vandalism and Theft Public Adjuster

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There’s nothing worse than finding your home or business has been vandalized or burglarized. Your property is an investment you worked hard to obtain, and it’s tough when someone spits your efforts and harms or steals your property.

Fortunately, most Florida homeowner’s insurance policies include coverage for theft and vandalism-related damages. But the way you handle your claim will make a huge difference in whether it’s approved or not. Your insurance company will want to prove you didn’t fake the theft or vandalism in order to get a hefty insurance settlement.

For this reason, you must document the damage immediately and make a note of everything that was stolen. If you have receipts for the stolen items, gather them together. You need to prove to the insurance company that you actually owned the items you claimed were stolen. And, of course, you must notify the local police, because the insurance company will want to see their report.

Theft and vandalism damage claims can be complex to deal with, but you can reduce that complexity and give yourself some peace of mind by hiring a public adjuster in Broward, Florida, that specializes in these types of insurance cases. An experienced public adjuster will know how to collect evidence that will convince your insurer to believe the details of your claim.

If your property was damaged by vandals, don’t fix any of the damage until after the insurance claim adjuster and the public adjuster have had a chance to examine the damage first-hand.

We employ the best public adjusters on Broward. We’ve handled hundreds of theft and vandalism damage claims in the county, and our clients usually receive the full amount of compensation they expect. We’re confident you’ll get the same result.