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Do you own a business in West Palm Beach, Florida? If so, then you probably see a lot of exciting weather. Since you’re on Florida’s east coast, you’re often in the direct path of hurricanes that form in the Atlantic Ocean and hit Florida. If a hurricane makes landfall and damages your commercial property, it could put you out of business for weeks or even months.

If it’s not a hurricane that puts you temporarily out of business, it might be fire, a burglar or vandal, or water. Whatever the reason, you’ll probably suffer huge losses in business income for a long time. You may even be forced to lay off or furlough your employees until further notice.

Why You Need a Business Interruption Public Adjuster in West Palm Beach

If you have business income loss protection coverage in your insurance policy, your insurer is obligated to compensate you for a percentage of the income you lose as a result of the damage to your business. A professional and experienced public adjuster in West Palm Beach can negotiate with your insurer to ensure they pay you a fair amount.

Your insurance company should continue to compensate you for up to six months, depending on how long it takes to get your business up and running again. If you have an extended liability period on your policy, you may receive business income loss compensation for up to one year.

Contact ProFloridian Claims Consultants

ProFloridian Claims Consultants will review the details of your insurance policy to determine how long your business is entitled to receive income loss compensation. Since this area of damage is complex, we will also work with our professional partners, including attorneys, real estate professionals, and third-party consultants and adjusters.

If your insurance company is giving you a hard time with your claim, we’ve got you covered. We’ll fight back until they negotiate a fair deal. When you have us on your side, they’ll be more motivated to settle, and you’ll be more likely to get fair and just compensation for your business income losses. Call 954-588-7416 today.