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Do you live in Miramar, FL? Was your homeowner’s insurance claim denied? If so, you may need help from a public adjuster to work with your insurance company and get that denial reversed. 

There’s no telling when you’ll need to file a homeowner’s insurance policy claim. Because you live in Florida, your property might suffer damage from a flood, hurricane, hail, wind, fire, leaky roof, mold – and the list goes on.

If your insurance policy covers the specific type of damage your property incurred but your insurance company denies the claim you file, you have the right to fight their decision. Policyholders have rights under the law. Your insurance company is not allowed to deny you those rights. But since most policyholders don’t read the fine print of their policies, they don’t know even know they have rights or that they can that they push back if these rights are infringed.

What you need is a Miramar public adjuster to help you fight for your rights. A public adjuster is works for the policyholder, not the insurance company. The insurer’s claims adjuster looks for ways to give you the lowest amount of compensation possible. Public adjusters do the opposite. They want you to receive the most compensation possible.

A public adjuster will review all of documentation and photographs related to your insurance case. They’ll want to see police reports, fire reports, inspection reports, the claims adjuster’s findings, and so on.

In addition, they will use their own public adjuster to investigate the damage to your property. Their findings will be compared to the insurer’s adjuster’s findings to see if there are any discrepancies between the two. If there are, you’ll have grounds to request a reversal of your insurer’s decision to deny your claim.  Contact ProFloridian Claims Consultants at 954-588-7416 today.