$196,211 Settlement for Hurricane Michael

Hurricane Michael damaged Florida in more ways than can be counted. It not only disrupted life for several days at a stretch but also caused massive damage to properties. Our client in Panama City saw one of the worst property damages due to this hurricane. At the site, trees had barged in and the ceiling gave way in more than one place. Household articles had been  flung out of the house due to the storm while windows and doors were damaged beyond repair. Wooden paneling too had eroded and flooring was heaped with mounts of debris. Such a sight of devastation was registered by our representatives when the clients booked a home inspection with us. Our public adjusters quickly got to work as any delay in restoration could have led to serious consequences like mold growth or damage to the electrical and water supply of the building. After extensive investigation we drew up a report comprising our findings and an estimated damage amount, followed by an appointment to the insurance company to file the claim. Our client received a settlement amount of $196,211 for all the damages and was satisfied with both the amount and our services.

Since most policies cover physical damages-like a blown off wall or ceiling, from hurricanes it is not common to be denied settlement claims altogether. However, in case the damage has resulted from a covered incident, then the road to obtaining the desired claim can be tricky. Only a certified and experienced public adjuster can be of value in such a situation. They can not only help you file documentation accurately but also negotiate on your behalf, and in your interest tilting the deal in your favour. Avoiding common pitfalls such as improper documentation that could lead to your claim being underpaid or worse unjustly denied can be avoided by employing the services of ProFloridian Claims Consultants. At ProFloridian we differentiate and document your hurricane damages to help you obtain the best amount out of your policy.