$145,000 Hurricane Michael Settlement

Although Hurricane spells doom for everyone that gets in its way, for one of our clients in Panama City it came as real bad news. The hurricane caused massive structural damage to the client’s condo. The wind severed wooden paneling of several walls and damaged many valuable articles. As is the case during most hurricanes, the insurance company carrying the policy of our client set up the assessment of the damage by an inexperienced adjuster who could not objectively evaluate the damage and reported minimal loss. The insurance company wrote back announcing a small amount as pay back. Our client then got in touch with us to renegotiate the deal with the carrier. As soon as our representative submitted the claim analysis, we got the insurance company up to speed with the correct estimation of the damage using our thorough documentation and reasoned investigation. As a result of our presentation we increased the settlement amount by up to three hundred percent at $145,000. Our client was satisfied with our service and quickly got on her feet after recovering the claim amount.

In the aftermath of any disaster be it hurricane, tornadoes or even a fire, the policyholder is usually not in a frame of mind to negotiate and file proper documents to claim their rightful settlement. Stress levels run high combined with a serious lack of experience and knowledge of industry jargon, assess the damage and put a figure to it. Our expert ProFloridian Claims Consultants deal with these cases day in and day out. We know the processes and protocols like the  back of our hand and help you navigate them without any upfront charges. In fact our home visit inspection and claim analysis is free of cost. Therefore, in case of any natural disasters, to ensure that you understand your coverage and get a satisfactory claim amount, contact us.