$159,465 Plumbing Leak Settlement

Plumbing leaks wreak havoc if not addressed immediately. For one of our clients in Miramar, the nightmare came true when they detected a plumbing leak on the second floor of their home. Water quickly ruined the ceiling causing the paint to peel off and ran down the wooden stairs damaging them on the go. All household articles including some electrical appliances, plastic items, shelves etc. were drenched in water damage and beginning to grow moldy. Wooden furnishings had come off due to absorption of moisture and substantially damaged. The client requested free home inspection and claim assessment by us which we jump started immediately given the colossal damage reported. Our expert consultant visited the site and after assessment drew up a claim document in tandem with the policy of the client. Our thorough investigation of the situation revealed the true cause of leakage and we were able to reach a settlement amount of $159,465 for our client.

The experience of this client highlights the importance of hiring a public adjuster especially if you have had no prior experience in handling insurance claims yourself. As such the damages from moisture or plumbing errors take weeks to recover, therefore it does well to focus your energy on restoring your damage rather than negotiating complex policies with your insurer. A public adjuster such as ourselves is well versed with different provisions and rights of the policyholder and therefore able to help you better and professionally. A ProFloridian claim consultant understands that the policy that covers you provides limited settlement amounts and has limited scope of coverage and then works within the well defined legalities to get you the best deal possible. The documentation is perhaps the most arduous part which is taken well care of by ProFloridian experts. With ProFloridian Claims Consultants by your side, you can put your worries away and focus solely on getting your life back on track.