$53,356 Hurricane Irma Settlement

Hurricane Irma caused massive devastation when it last struck Florida. Due to the warning of authorities, many individuals vacated their residential properties and relocated to safer places temporarily. But the hurricane still managed to destroy properties on its way. One of our clients in Kendall had to witness colossal damage to their property due to Hurricane Irma. The roof had come off at several places causing the ceiling to disintegrate. Windows and wooden paneling had been damaged and flood water and moisture had also seeped in leading to the onset of mold growth. The client then filed a claim to their carrier. After following the requisite protocols and cooperating with the insurance company, the client was hopeful that their damages will be covered and they could quickly move on to restoring their property. However, their hopes were nearly crushed when the insurance company denied the compensation on account of neglect. The client then contacted us at ProFloridian as a last resort to help negotiate a better settlement deal. Our representative then visited the property and submitted a detailed report backing each of the client claims with facts. The report comprised a detailed assessment of the damage, all pertinent documents and an estimation of expenses. Our public adjusters were then able to negotiate a settlement amount worth $53,356. The client was ecstatic at the amount recovered and readily moved on to restoration and repair works.

Hurricanes and other acts of nature are covered in most insurance policies. Our expert public adjusters have several decades of experience of handling such cases and are able to use their expertise to draw up pertinent documents for you that help you win the claim. We pay full attention to your claim until it gets resolved and you have your life back on track. ProFloridian Claims Consultants will guarantee your hurricane claim is filed successfully and accepted.