$26,267 Settlement for a Kitchen Fire

One of the ways to look at your kitchen is for it to be the area most prone to fires. Our client had to experience a painful tragedy when her kitchen caught fire at Kendall, Florida. The fire erupted on the kitchen stove and quickly engulfed the chimney and other associated equipment. The kitchen ceiling was substantially damaged adding to the risk of structural collapse. Our client moved the insurance company with her claim and was offered a trivial amount for the colossal damage. Fearing the expenses that she would have to make out of her pocket for actual repairs and restoration, she contacted ProFloridian Claims Consultants. Our experts then stepped in and reopened the case conveying the actual damage costs of the kitchen fire in a clear and logical manner to the insurance company. Within no time, our client received $26,267 as her settlement amount which amply covered her repair and restoration costs.

Our experts have represented several such cases of fire and smoke damages and gotten the clients the full settlement as promised by their policies. In the aftermath property owners often make a run to their insurance carriers to help them mitigate their damage, but are often denied their rightful claim due to procedural discrepancies in their claims. However having a licensed public adjuster advocating for you could reap tons of benefit for you. For starters you delegate the arduous claim processes to the adjuster and could instead focus on personally overcoming the disaster. A good public adjuster will ensure you avoid pitfalls and follow proper steps while filing a claim. Kitchen and other residential fire damages are covered under most home insurance policies. However to navigate the policies and claim rightful damage is an arduous process for which you can employ the services of ProFloridian’ experts.