$27,337 Roof Leak Settlement

Roof leaks in Florida are a common occurrence. What is not common is the rightful settlement amount received by people for the damage. Our client in Hialeah is a testimony to the fact. The client noticed watermarks on her roof and before she could actually make something of it, the leakage expanded to cover the better part of the ceiling of her house in Hialeah. She filed a claim to her insurer who denied it. As a final step, she contacted our consultants at ProFloridian. com who initiated a free home visit followed by a claim analysis which estimated the damages and reported to the insurer. We then moved quickly to get her a settlement amount of $27,337 for the entire damage. The roof was restored to its former glory within no time.

Often ignored by both the insurers and clients, roof leaks are inherently damaging. Aside from the immense threat of structural damage, roof leaks can hamper the plumbing and electrical wiring system of the house making the house prone to disastrous events like roof collapse or fire. They may also cause mold growth which is hazardous to breathe in. And roof repairing costs are not exactly cheap either. Therefore, it is in your best interest to have property experts come in and evaluate your damage and put forth an estimated amount to be claimed. It is also a good practice to have quotes from remediation companies available with you so that you may not be overcharged beyond what is necessary.

At ProFloridian we understand that it is not fair to be underpaid by the insurer and pay the expenses of restoration out of your own pocket. In most cases, people do not even allocate thousands of dollars for such emergencies which they could not have foreseen. Therefore contact experts at ProFloridian Claims Consultants to help you out with insurance claims for your roof leaks and other repairs.