$358,236 Settlement Fire at Dr Office

One of the residential doctors at Pembroke Pines had to suffer an unfortunate tragedy when a fire broke out at her office. The state of the art office was fully engulfed by the fire depositing a thick layer of soot at the site. The equipment and furnishings were also damaged beyond repair.

As far as the doctor’s office was concerned the practice had to be continued as soon as possible with minimal delay. Our experts at ProFloridian.com proactively took the case and aimed for mitigating business losses while filing a claim with the carrier. While initiating the claim, the insurer only paid a small fee which did not even cover basic cleaning and restoring costs. Only after pursuing for another couple of weeks, we were able to settle the claim at $358,236 which amply covered the repairing and restoration costs of the entire damage.

As such no one can be adequately prepared for the fire. Most people get overwhelmed with the aftermath of fire and in such perplexing times it is best to reach out to reliable public adjusters at ProFloridian Claims Consultants. com for assessment. Some companies may utilize this tragedy to set you up with contractors or third parties that may result in outrageous expenses that you must not bear. However, our reliable remediation companies can restore your property to its original condition without charging a penny more than necessary.

Most home insurance policies cover fire damage but only expert public adjusters can act as an effective bridge between you and your insurer, communicating full scope of your damage to the insurer. We ensure outcomes are concisely reported to Insurers to match their requirements in documenting the circumstances of the loss in a clear and logical manner, allowing them to reach a conclusion in respect to policy response.